May 8th, 2004

I love my hand!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am awesome. Last night my dad set up the wireless NIC card in my computer, but the internet wouldn't work. 5 minutes ago, I figured out the problem and fixedified it! Who's the computer geek now, Mr. Talks-about-technology-in-his-sleep? Heh. And when I excitedly bounced into my parents' room to tell them I fixed the internet, they were watching Pirates of the Caribbean. And they didn't tell me. But I only like to watch movies if I see the very beginning, so I scampered off to play with the internet, and I'll watch the movie later. Captain Jack Sparrow is one hell of a pirate. He just radiates awesomeness. And this is why pirates are so much cooler than ninjas.

So now I shall be online for a good part of the summer. What does this mean? MORE FUN LJ ENTRIES FOR YOU TO READ! Woohoo! Yep, I know you're all just thrilled. I can smell the excitement. Or maybe that's just my head on fire. Again.

My neighbor Ben has bigger hands than me. This normally wouldn't be surprising, but he's in kindergarten. Last year, we had the same size hands. And my 7-year-old neighbor Elli has the same size hands and feet as me, even though she's a head shorter (not for long!). Today we switched sandals, and hers were comfier than mine. My other neighbors have a cat named Ripley that looks and sounds just like Dude (only he's a shade darker, doesn't have a white bib or tip of the tail, and has slightly different eyes). So my neighbors brought him over, and he and Dude met, but Dude was a bit shy. In other news, my sister is going to some 8th grade formal tonight and had to get her hair and nails done and all this girly stuff that makes me ill. And I made dinner tonight, and it was yummy. And my other other neighbor has skulls in her garage that I must go see tomorrow. Skulls are awesome.

So... back in my room at home, with my computer and CD player hooked up. Life is decent. I miss my college friends (I had a dream involving many of my college friends last night), but at least I'll get to see my high school friends soon enough.

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats and pants, for Derek now has a livejournal (derekconsortium)! And he shaved his head, so he actually looks slightly hetero now!

In other news, my mom and I had to take my neighbor's cat Ripley (that looks like Dude) home because he kept coming around here. We are the House of Cats! *evil laugh* My conspiracy to overrun this place with felines is working! Now, if I could only somehow get rid of my parents and sister and hire a maid to clean the cat boxes... hmmmm...

Oh yes, and I'm thinking of getting a deadjournal to keep track of my friends over there...
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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Fun quotes:

"We wouldn't have to steal the car, we'd just borrow it... without permission."
- Katie

Ade: I like my drinks like I like my men. Fruity.
Ben: I like my drinks like I like my women... brightly colored with little paper umbrellas.

Yeah, I have no life, so I post in LJ. Woot!
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