May 10th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Avast, ye scurvyworms! Hehehe... my dad was Cap'n Jack Sparrow for Halloween, and when I was bringing stuff down to the basement, I found his wig. So I put it on, jumped out from behind the basement door, and started yelling pirate curses at my sister. She screamed and promptly forgot the answer to the last question of her math homework. *evil laugh* Being a pirate is so much fun. I want to dress like a pirate and just walk around the neighborhood. Of course, last time I wore fairy wings around the neighborhood, some brat kept making fun of me and told me I'll never get a boyfriend because I'm so immature. Ha! May he rot in Davey Jones's locker while I make my boytoy harem swab the poop deck! Arrrr!

Yeah, it's really hot today... and my mind has walked the plank. Woot. Oh, and Thom... look what I randomly found: knitting_ninjas
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