May 13th, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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*snickers* I got back at my sister for sneaking into my room and changing my AIM profile multiple times. I added a little something to hers. It now also reads, "omg brendan i luv u soooooo much i wan u 2 have like 10 million of my babies o yea baby! and ade u r the koolest sis eva!" You see, when she changed my profile, she typed it in her style so it was very obvious she did it. However, I discretely adapted to her typing style. *evil laugh*

Quote of the day:
"I mean, I tend to view the world under the dichotomy of Cow and Non-Cow."
- Megan

And another cool quote:
"Children are the most reasonable people I know. Their days are spent trying to make sense of the world, searching for meaning, figuring things out."
- Raffi, from his Autobiography

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