May 19th, 2004

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Well, I had many very interesting dreams last night. Probably because I was slightly buzzed (hey, I only had 1 wine cooler, but my body isn't used to alcohol at all), but I feel ok this morning. In the first one I remember, I was a freshman going to this orphanage at Allegheny. And Ben was right behind me, though I didn't know him at that point but somehow sensed we'd eventually become good friends. I felt really shy and worried, but when I walked into the orphanage (which was a big church), I saw people I recognized. And Ben said hi to me, and I kind of stammered out a "hi" before turning away, thinking, "Wait, you know this guy, why are you acting like this?" Then I was walking around a big library/bookstore, and Ben and Nick were there (not sure if I "knew" them at that point, but I was still feeling shy and worried). I walked into what was apparently my garden, but it was indoors and all overgrown. I wanted to pick the vegetables, but I just walked through, touching all the plants and feeling kind of sad. Ben was standing there watching me, and I wondered what I would say if I tried to talk to him, silently cursing myself for being shy even though I kept telling myself that I would eventually be good friends with him.

In the next part, apparently some guy was wrapped up in this rectangle thing and dropped onto the ground from a somewhat dangerous height. I think he landed on his face and must have shattered his nose, and then Ben walked up to me wearing this weird shirt. It looked like he had made it himself, and it was white (gasp) and said something like "investigation squad" in reddish spray-painted letters. Then there was some big case going on, and I was looking through what was apprently a big folder-shaped flower with little purple and yellow buds. Then Ben admitted that he had killed his wife when she tried to kill him (the funny part is that Ben has never been married), and I started wondering what kind of a person Ben was if he had been married before... nevermind that he had killed someone, even in self-defense.

In the next dream, apparently Nesset (ugh) was looking through a box of my stuff and thought it was for him. He found a bunch of random stuff, like old school folders and a knitting project, and I was trying to explain that those were my things. Then I walked past this empty store where people were in costume trying to do somethingorother. I sat down and tried to draw what I want my pirate costume to look like, but I kept screwing up. Some girl sat by me and told me I should try to attract some cute guy, but I wondered what use that would be and then kept trying to draw the boots. Then I was on a pirate ship with a few people and this boy (he looked 12 or 13) who claimed that he hated wearing those pirate boots and usually just went barefoot. Then we were in some skate park, and that pirate boy and another were trying to figure out wat to do. Then a dark-haired pirate boy cleared the park and started doing all these impressive skateboard tricks. But I guess he eventually fell and hurt himself, and some lady took care of him. The two pirate boys were from the past and tried to write/type information about themselves, but they had no social security numbers or anything. Very odd.

So, what did we learn, kids? Alcohol = weird dreams. And don't kill your wife if you don't have one to begin with. The end.
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