May 21st, 2004

Lilo and Stitch!

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Sometimes spam is so amusing. This is one of the more entertaining emails: Subject : squid 70 piroshki
midwives remain moronic.When chess board from wakes up, alchemist inside mirror dies.If cloud formation near apartment building go deep sea fishing with CEO toward, then related to prime minister panics.Sometimes toward garbage can panics, but bodice ripper about always a big fan of ballerina over midwife!
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So I've been downloading lots of anime and stuff, because I have no life any more. But I bought a bunch of ramen today, just to have in my room so I can make it without sneaking down to the kitcken and waking my family up in the wee hours. I was watching Naruto last night, so of course the ramen craving set in but I didn't do anything about it. Ha! Not any more!

I was being nice and helping church people get flowers today, since my mom was busy. And one of the ladies kind of hinted that someone wanted me to write an article for the church newsletter. I was too polite to say "I'm a creative writing major, not a journalism major, and I'm not the best person for writing articles." Well... I'll see what they want. Writing is a rare talent, and I suppose that it would be good to help out.

So, it's a Friday, and my weekend plans are up in the air because there are a bunch of things I could be doing but it requires making plans with people and figuring stuff out and making decisions. And I suck at all of that. Well... something will work out, anyway. What do I want to do? So many choices, so little ability to decide...
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Oh wow. My sister just opened the door wearing just her bra and these little shorts, all in a panic. "Ade, can I come in? Brendan got lipstick on my bra!" she said. I just laughed. So a bunch of her friends are over right now (and today I made a vow to myself not to drive more than 2 teenage girls at once unless they can be quiet), and I don't really want to know what they're up to. Here I am, geeking it up in my room, downloading Naruto, knitting, and listening to weird music (sometimes in a language I don't know). I like my kind of crazy better than theirs.

...and I just got a picture of my sister stuck on the door. Hehehe...
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