May 30th, 2004

Dil Domicile

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I had several dreams last night, but in the most interesting one, I guess we were robots or something. We had to run across this desert and get to this hexagonal "safe" zone, and if these mosters took our ID numbers, we'd be dead or something. I had also been teaching Chinese, which I find odd and amusing since I only know a few words in Chinese (but I'm taking it in the fall) and I'm a horrible teacher. So I was going to the "safe" zone, and Jordan was there too. We were running across the desert, and the hexagonal thing was hovering in the air. For some reason my underwear vanished, and I think someone stole it. So I was contemplating how to get a new pair, and if I could ask the guards at the safe zone. Apparently if your underwear had been taken, you only had your ID left, and if that was stolen, you were dead. So I was panicking, but we made it to the safe zone. Then I was sitting among the other people there. We all had our ID tags that had our names and weights written on them. So I was casually glancing at everyone else's tags. Apparently the more things you downloaded, the heavier you were. Looking at other people's tags, I suddenly felt like such a lightweight, but then I remembered that it's because I'm so short. I was sitting with Jordan and Megan, and some other guy started insulting Megan, so I got really mad and wanted to attack him, but that's really all I remember of that dream. The rest of the dreams weren't as interesting.

During the summer, every night is anime night! And those wild berry wine coolers are yummier and less alcoholic-tasting than the strawberry daiquiri ones. Speaking of that, I made 2 strawberry pies today. The entire house smells like pie, and it's driving us nuts because the pies are for tomorrow's barbeque. No, we're not barbequing the pies. But I want pie NOW, dammit! Oh well.

And I realize that the only reasons I'm still up are:
- I haven't finished my drink yet
- I'm waiting to see if a certain person comes back online, though I doubt that will happen so I should just forget about it, wait until tomorrow to talk to the person, and go to bed
- I'm downloading stuff, even though I can do that any time

This just goes to show that my life is getting boring and I need to get out more. Hey, I'm actually thinking about going to WorD since I've never been, it sounds interesting, and some of my friends go to that. The next meeting is this coming Tuesday, right? I think I can find the Monroeville library. The directions say it's near the hospital, and I've driven there before.
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I just saw Shrek 2. Wow. Such a great movie. And I have a newfound appreciation for Pinocchio. No spoilers though, but if you haven't seen the movie, go see it. And if you really love someone, you're not supposed to let them go. If you survive all the ordeals and torture on the way to get them back, that's how you know it's love. Just letting them go proves you're a sissy who should go find someone more attainable. So there. And I want to have a cool house in the swamp. Or better yet, a castle in the swamp. "But the fourth one stayed!" Yep. Someday my Shrek will come. Screw knights in shining armor. Unless their armor is black. Yes, someday my black knight will come... Oh dear. Enough of the Monty Python references...

And the way back was fun too. The great thing about having your own car is that you can blast music and not get yelled at. Katie and Julia were with me, and my neighbors were behind us, so they rolled down the windows and we blasted "Baby Got Back" and "Gay Boyfriend." Good times. Then we drove reeeeeeally slowly up our street until they tried to pass us, and we floored it. So much fun. And yesterday I drove my dad to pick up some rocks, and on the way back we were blasting "Material Girl" (and my dad was singing along, which was hilarious), and he rolled down the windows and waved to our neighbors. So much silliness!

Well, gotta go help set up for the barbeque. I hear one of my neighbors is bringing bean dip and making mixed drinks. Because drinking with my goofy neighbors should be interesting. Of course, I'll probably just end up getting drunk on caffeine (more iced tea, damn you! *falls over*), but that's ok. Right. I'm off. More later. Ninja vanish! *explodes into strawberry jam*

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New icon! Because I'm a sucker for happy endings. *grins*

So this barbeque is still going on, and I'm waiting for the grownups to get really sloshed so I can take blackmail pictures. Katie and Julia wanted me to be the photographer for their "photo shoot," and they were both in bikinis. Then they told me to tell them how to pose, so I automatically shouted, "Make out!" They didn't do it though. Damn. Oh well, my sister is one of the last people I'd want to see making out anyway. And you hear many interesting stories from the grownups when they think you're not paying attention. Hehehe...

Oh, the adults are dancing now. Must go record this. *evil laugh*
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