June 4th, 2004


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Last night I saw Shrek 2 for the second time. In one week. And I want to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as soon as I can, whether it's today, tomorrow, or another day. *bounces around excitedly*

Another bizarre dream last night. A friend who I haven't seen in a while and I were driving down School Road past a line of gas stations, and my friend was comparing the prices and complaining about how high they were. I think this part of the dream stems from the fact that I filled up the tank last night, and it was almost $2 a gallon, which is insane. Then we noticed that they were building a nicer gas station in one of the neighborhoods where it would only be something like $1.28 a gallon. And of course I got mad because I had just filled the tank. Then I was apparently visiting Alpha, and I was in this place that had tennis courts, grills, and a volleyball court with Julie, Leen, and someone else (probably Megan). We were trying to play something like "extreme handball," and I was jumping up and down because I was so happy. Then we went to this weird cafeteria to eat, and I was trying to get food and having all sorts of problems. I saw Ben there and wondered if he could tell me what was going on, but he just kind of glanced at me before leaving. They had the cashier thing in a weird location, and when I went to pay, I suddenly realized that I didn't have an ID card or my wallet on me, and I woke up feeling confused and frustrated.

You know what? I could really go for a happy meal right now. I know they're horrible and full of grease and stuff, but I still want one. Or at least something salty and yummy, because I'm tired of eating healthy stuff at home. That's pretty much all we have, healthy stuff. And that's good, but I like to indulge in junk food sometimes, and I feel like I have to hide my ramen so my mom won't give me that "it has no nutritional value" lecture every time I eat it. Actually, she gets on my case for not eating, oddly enough. When I'm away from home, I usually eat a sufficient amount and occasionally overeat, but during the summer at home, I just don't eat much. Mostly because I'm lazy. I've actually lost weight in previous summers because I don't eat much. Of course, left to my own devices, I usually make the easy, quick stuff like ramen, mac and cheese, and other starchy, salty foods. Yeah. Food time. Bye!
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