June 7th, 2004


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Phew, what a day. I had lunch at Yum Wok/Lulu's Noodles with Nick, then we hung out with Jen, Anne, and Tara until after 1 am. And that makes 3 times I've seen Shrek 2. All in one week. Once was good enough, but of course I'll see a movie multiple times in theatres if other people are going. It's an excuse to be with friends and get out of the house, basically. I didn't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home, though I felt like I'd start drooling any minute, and I was blasting my music and singing along to keep myself awake. And at one point, I realized I was going 90 on a mostly empty freeway, which is probably the fastest I've ever gone. Heh. Now I go to bed. *collapses*
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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Happy birthday to the great and wonderful Thomas, whose writing is amazing and who tastes good skewered, marinated in olive oil and garlic, and roasted. Mmm, shishkathomases.

On Wednesday, I go to Washington. I suppose I should start packing, but that would mean partially cleaning my room so I can find the stuff I want to bring and have room to put my suitcase when I pack.

I was checking out knitting patterns online and found these really awesomecat toys that look like wontons and egg rolls. And the model kitty looks kind of like Dude! Who just started meowing downstairs as I typed that. And I'm going to attempt to knit myself a hoodie, too. A purple one, just to add color to my wardrobe. Speaking of that, my mom decided that since I hate it when she buys me clothing, she should buy me some more. She got me 3 light blue t-shirts and an orange one. Orange. Because I like pumpkins. Now, I don't mind light blue, but anyone who looks in my closet can see that I tend to avoid bright colors. I mean 80% of my shirts are black, and the rest are mostly blue or gray. I'll wear green and purple too. No red, yellow, orange, white, or brown. And my mom got me an orange shirt. I looked at it and thought, "There's no way I'm wearing that unless I can paint a Cyclor face on the front." So I think one light blue shirt is enough, she can take the rest back. My sister is the one that wears bright colors, not me. And people get confused when I do, which is also interesting.

Off I go.
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