June 15th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Ah, tomorrow I get to wake up absurdly early and go to the airport. And apparently everyone thought I was staying another week, but no, I'm going home. And I'll be in big trouble with my family, too. I didn't take any pictures. Not even of the new baby. And I promised I would. Well, no sense making up bad excuses. I'll just tell them I was having too much fun without them here, and I just forgot. Because I'm cruel and evil like that.

I had a strawberry margarita today. It was yummy and didn't taste alcoholic, and I got all giggly when I was ordering it because for some reason buying alcohol still seems forbidden, even though I'm a legal "adult" (ha) now. And Kevin's girlfriend said she wanted to see me buy alcohol before I leave. I was at the Olive Garden a few days ago and thought about ordering something (my aunt even asked if I wanted to go to the bar with her) but chickened out. Oh well. That was a good margarita though. Sweet and fruity, just the way I like my boys drinks. Afterwards I felt tired and calm, but I got annoyed at my little cousins constantly demanding attention, so I tried to ignore them for a while. For some reason, alcohol makes me feel all warm inside my chest (not burning, just a strange warmth) and kind of sedated. Kind of like caffeine but different. I mean, I've only had one drink in a sitting so far (yeah, I know that will probably change in the fall, since some of my housemates plan to get me sloshed on a regular basis), but I have no tolerance and I'm rather, uh, vertically challenged. Kinda heavy for someone my height, but still tiny. And cute. So one drink just makes me calm and tired. And I also got revenge on Kevin too. You see, he likes to randomly poke me, pat me on the head, peer down at me, and other stuff. Now with some people (like friends) that's perfectly ok, but he does it to remind me how short I am, because he's a rotten cousin. But I do have one good advantage over him. I'm 4 months and 10 days older than him. I can buy alcohol. He has to go to Canada for that (not far since it's northern Washington though). So HA! I can taunt him for a couple more months.

Well, I'm getting rambly again. I tend to do that. And I got too drunk to do any more KoL adventures, though I finally got enough muscle points to equip one of the ridiculously huge swords Megan gave me (thanks Megan!). Hmmm, I need to find an alarm clock so I can wake up early tomorrow. Weee, sleep deprivation and airport fun.

Hey Slade, I just might make it to your graduation party this weekend.
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