June 20th, 2004

Dil Domicile

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It's hard to type when your cat is leaning on the keyboard.

Well, the weekend has been interesting so far. Yesterday, I went to Border's and Taipei Tokyo with Megan, and while walking through the parking lots in between, we found some ripe wild blackberries. Very yummy, and getting free dessert is nice. Then Megan almost got busted at the liquor store, she came in with me and I bought some rum (for daiquris) and really bad wine in a really cool bottle (for Megan), but the lady asked her for ID too even though I was buying the stuff. Megan doesn't have a driver's license yet, but the saleslady let her go anyway. Which is good, since she doesn't turn 21 until September. Heh. We made daiquris and watched Bulworth (hilarious), then she spent the night. And today (er, yesterday since it's after midnight), we went to Slade's graduation party. 'Twas fun with very interesting conversation. And somebody who obviously doesn't know Slade very well got her an audio bible on a bunch of CDs. So we had fun debating what she could do with it. I say convert the tracks to MP3s, title them after popular songs, and distribute them on Kazaa. So "Baby Got Back" could really be Judges 19 (which is amusing when read out loud). And I've decided that I really hate that stop sign on the way to Kass's house. It's impossible to see at night, since it's half-covered in vegetation. Well, I think I left some skid marks as a sign of... I don't know. Disrespect?

Some of the fun quotes (those I wrote down):
"No! You can't tongue-kiss my dog!"
- Slade'
"I have a huge thing for tall guys."
- Nora
And I forget what the rest of the sentence was, but Kass began it with "None of my penises..."

Well, the weekend wasn't all fun and games, but I think I'll save that for ade_a_roni sometime. Maybe tomorrow. Awww, Dude is being sweet and cuddly again. I wuv my kitties. Speaking of kitties...

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I actually squealed when I saw this

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Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and he caught a baseball at a Phillies game with his friend. And it was completely by accident too. It was a pop fly, and he actually put his hands over his chest to protect himself, and the ball landed in his hands and left a bruise on his chest. Heh. My mom also got him a pink tie, and his reaction was quite amusing. And his brother and sister sang happy birthday to him on the answering machine, which was hilarious because they both called him "little brother" even though he's the middle child. And my grandma had called yesterday, but my family wasn't around so I told her they'd be back this afternoon, and she called about half an hour before they came home today.

Grandma: And don't lie to your grandmother!
Ade: I wasn't lying! I didn't know when they were coming back, and the sun hasn't gone down yet so it's still afternoon, and they might come back before the sun goes down.
Grandma: Don't argue with your grandmother!
Ade: Ok then. You're right, I'm wrong, end of story.
Grandma: That's better.

Heh. My grandma is funny.

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