June 24th, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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Well, I made the hotel reservations for Confluence. Now I just need to send in the registration form. Yay! So let's see... so far for the room, there's me, Megan, and Cassie, and possibly Cassie's friend Catch. Finding the last person should be no problem, we have a month.

I'm glad to have Moccasin back. He's a darling. And last night I went to pick up Katie and her friends from the carnival. I felt so old, instead of actually going to the carnival, I was just picking people up. But I did go to the guess-your-age/weight thing, for I always do. And miraculously, the guy actually guessed my age. So I lost $3, but I was stunned, and it was almost worth it. Of course, my stupid sister and her friends had to stand there saying things like "She's my sister! She has ID!" so that probably made the guy aware that I'm older than I look, even if I was with 13-14-year-olds. Either that or the guy recognized me, for I seem to be well-known despite my hermitish tendencies (I guess being abnormally short makes me memorable, not to mention all the crazy things I'm known for...). But I got my cotton candy, and Katie actually paid for it too. I was impressed, I thought I'd just get the short end of the stick again [insert bad jokes here]. I like cotton candy. It's so fluffy and just melts in your mouth, and it's fun to pull apart. I like pulling things apart. I wonder if that only works with sugar. Because it would be really funny if someone decided to do a practical joke and made spun salt instead. Hmmm. I might have to experiment on this someday. Since I'm an English major, I know very little about the properties of sugar, salt, and other substances (I only know what stuff to cook it with). But spun salt would be hilarious.

Wow, that pesto sauce I made was really garlic-y. And I think that chicken was a bit past its prime, but my dad seemed to enjoy it anyway. I should just go vegetarian, or at least cut my meat consumption to once or twice a week, but it's impossible in this house. I'm better at avoiding meat at school. Although I do have a weakness for chicken fingers. And shrimp.
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