June 26th, 2004

I love my hand!

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More bananaphone fun, thanks to Cyndi! This is seriously how I feel sometimes. I listen to that song multiple times a day, and when I'm not listening to it, it gets stuck in my head. It was playing in my car when I was driving Katie and another guy to the pool, and Katie was so embarrassed of my car music (I also played "It's Raining Men," "Gay Boyfriend," and "Peanut Butter Sandwich" while the other guy was in the car... I just love embarrassing my little sis... hehehe...).

I went to Elmer's to get some more feeder fish for our pond (much cheaper than buying regular fish), and I saw Heather. I hadn't seen or talked to her in almost a year (I saw her briefly at King's last year after I went to the Bright Eyes concert with Megan and Jessica). I suppose I should IM her sometime... just to keep in touch, since I've barely seen her since high school.

I was in the kitchen with my family tonight, and my dad was doing this trick where he'd stick a finger in his ear, wiggle it around, then wiggle his tongue in his cheek so it looked like he was poking the inside of his cheek from his ear. My sister said, "You're talented with your tongue." The look on his face was priceless, and Katie said "don't laugh!" but it was too late. I just had to snicker at that one. For once, I wasn't the one making the Freudian slip. And then my dad asked if I was wearing my Freudian slip tonight, so I laughed even harder. Such hilarity. Also, my dad is "fluffy" and has arms like ropes (fluffy knitting yarn). He has muscles of steel (wool).

So tomorrow I need to pack to go to New York (I'm going to a writing workshop at Manhattanville College). This will be my first Long Trip by myself, which should be interesting. I'll be gone for about a week, but I'll probably still be online (either on my sister's laptop or the lab computers). I hope this kicks me back into a writing groove, because I've been really lazy this summer and haven't written anything creative, just LJ entries and stuff. Which should count for something... Hey Derek, what's your schedule like next Saturday (July 3)? I feel the need to go bother you while I'm in the state. If you're available and don't mind me making fun of you dropping by, email me your address so I can stalk you. Yes, I'm too lazy to search for my stalker's guide and look it up myself. Most of my stuff is still in boxes scattered around the house.

You know, I've been thinking about writers' house stuff again, and I keep feeling like this is going to be kind of like a cross-gendered Love Hina situation. One girl in a house full of guys. Except I don't think I'll be beaten to a pulp on a regular basis. I'll probably just walk into people's rooms at the worst possible moments, accidentally fall onto/grope/stare at the wrong way/get caught in this-isn't-what-it-looks-like situations with my housemates, and get caught in bizarre and confusing love triangles (oh dear...). So let's see... I can be Keitaro, Nick can be Shinobu, Thom can be Kitsune, Ben can be Naru, John can be Kaolla Su, Deltron can be Motoko, Derek can be Haruka, and Dude can be Tama. I don't know why I picked most of those, but I think it's funny. Feel free to add in the other cross-gendered characters. Yes, I know I could be doing much more productive things than assigning my friends to anime characters.
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Guess what? I'm going to New York tomorrow... and I haven't packed yet! Weeeeee! Gosh, I'm a nut. At least I gassed up the car (hee, that sounds funny), got cash, and stocked the trunk with drinks and munchies. Now for the clothes and stuff! Hey Leen, thanks for posting that list of stuff you're bringing to Alpha... it's a good reference for others too. *grins* This workshop won't be the same as Alpha, but it should be interesting anyway. I hope I'll actually get up the nerve to talk to people instead of just sitting there quietly and only talking during critiques (though I usually just write stuff on the drafts and don't say much). I'm such a hermit. And I'm not sure what kinds of writers I'll meet here either. Many of the writers I know are amusing, goofy, nice people who are usually at least moderately nerdy and shy. But I won't know the folks at this workshop. Well, they might have introductions and stuff. Knowing me, I'll say something like, "I'm Ade, the crazy cat lady! I really like cup ramen, and I hate waiting the 3 minutes after I pour the hot water in. Also, I'm a cannibal! *laughs nervously and then sees everyone giving her weird looks* Ummm... yeah. I'm a dork." And yes, I have been watching/reading a lot of Naruto lately. Mmm, ramen. Oh yeah, packing. Still need to do that. *glares at huge pile of laundry on top of suitcase and sighs*
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