June 29th, 2004

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Well, I'm in this lovely library here at Manhattanville College. The dorms kind of suck (as expected), but there's actually an elevator in them. Wow. The workshop is all right, I've heard a lot of this stuff before (thanks, Alpha!), but we've been doing writing exercises and stuff, and I absolutely love writing exercises. We did a fun one today (write down the name of someone you love that has died, then a favorite actor when you were a kid... then write a scene involving you, the dead person, and the actor... in a public bathroom). I wrote this stupidly hilarious scene where zombies had taken over, I was trying to hide from the zombie kittens, and I ended up in a Burger King ladies room with John Stamos in drag. And my Nana possessed an old toilet plunger to help me fend off the zombie kittens. It was quite an absurd story, but people were laughing the entire time I was reading it, which was good. I thought they'd give me horrified looks or something. We'll have to use that exercise for Tuesday group, that was a fun one. I'll have to ask the teacher what she calls it though, it was some amusing name I forgot to write down. 75% of the people in this workshop are middle-age-ish, normal-looking women. I think I'm one of the youngest people here, if not the youngest. And I'm being a shy hermit again, but if people talk to me first, I'll be friendly and make conversation.

I started writing a story about a pirate girl, only it's horribly depressing and needs some fun scenes. I might extend it into a novel if I find the patience and don't get distracted (ha). And one of the cabin boys sounds a little too much like a certain friend, so I think I need to give him a more distinct personality. He was originally modeled after a good friend, but I think I need to distance those two, especially since the cabin boy attempts suicide later in the story and I don't want to think about my friend doing that. Poor cabin boy... I torture him more than I torture the main character. Oddly enough, in my mind she looks like a 12-year-old version of Anne, only dirtier and piratey-er. Heh. So the story needs some fun, or it will be a total downer. And the characters need to talk and act more like pirates and less like civilized pansies. Hmmm...

Well, I'm kind of hungry now, so off I go. *waves*
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