July 6th, 2004

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

And all the goyim say I'm pretty fly for a rabbi

Weeee, what an interesting weekend. I visited Derek and we had all sorts of adventures with his friends, like clamming, seeing the fabulous flaming fags at Cherry Grove, watching fireworks all over the place, etc. And Derek didn't get carded when buying beer, which was amazing (especially since he isn't 21 yet).

Fun quotes:
"Wow, you're really sophisticated. Are you straight?"
- Ade (This was a wonderful thing to say to someone I had just met. The reaction was priceless.)
"I need to change my name to something that sounds more presidential. How about George Washington?"
- Willie (Derek's sophisticated friend that can play Sk8er Boi on the ukulele)

My dad got some Tom Lehrer CDs, and I just listened to them with my parents. Wow. Such hilarity. And Moccasin is kind of sick right now, when he disappeared for a few days he managed to get himself a respiratory infection AND worms. He'll be ok, but he hasn't been feeling well. Yesterday he had been sleeping on a towel at the top of the stairs all day (according to my parents) and only moved after I came home. Poor little guy.

Oh, and I saw Spiderman 2. I liked it, but I felt sorry for Peter. MJ just had issues with deciding who she wanted to be with. Silly girl. Half the time I was thinking, "Silly Peter, redheads may be cute, but they're dangerous! Back awaaaaaaaay before you lose your heart and your mind! Oops, too late. Oh well." And no, I have nothing against redheads. I just think they're cute. And dangerous. Why are they called redheads anyway? Their hair is more of an orangey color. But I guess "redhead" sounds better than "orangehead." Because there aren't any "real" words that rhyme with orange. And rhymes make everything cooler.

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