July 8th, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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All you returning Alphans are excitedly talking about going back, and I'm sitting here pouting and thinking, "I wanna go back tooooooo!" Oh well. I'll see you folks at Confluence, and I'll probably go to at least one of the B&N readings. And I already got my writing workshop this summer. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Confluence and all the insanity and fun that it will bring. And Nick plans on coming, probably just for one day, but I think he'll like it. And those of you going to Confluence must meet him, he's a very interesting character. Speaking of the Nick character, we're going to India Garden on Monday. I need to acquire a taste for Indian food. I think it's ok, it's just that for some reason I usually prefer plainer foods that aren't bursting with flavor (I've been known to sometimes eat plain noodles, which weirds people out). So I should expand my horizons. Wow, I go from talking about Alpha to my eating preferences in one paragraph. Well, I write like I think, which is usually a string of random stuff.

And right before dinner I noticed a weird patch under Moccasin's chin. It was bare and kind of pink and white and splotchy. I wonder how he got it. He's been sick ever since he came back from his 3-day adventure (this was around 2 weeks ago), but he seems to be recovering. He's still sneezing blood (ewwwww), and now this weird bald patch under his chin. Weird. I have this horrible feeling that someone swiped him and abused him for a few days, but that doesn't explain how he got a respiratory infection and worms. Hmmm. Well, he'll go back to the vet soon. I just hope he's ok. He doesn't seem too shaken or nervous, he's just sick.

My mom wants a new front door and front windows, even though I don't see anything wrong with what we already have. Apparently the door is worn and cracked in places and lets in cold air, and my mom doesn't want clear front windows because she thinks we need "more privacy" in case we decide to run to the laundry room in our underwear (I never leave my room or the bathroom less than fully-clothed, so I find that idea absurd). So I said, "Why do we need privacy? We never do anything interesting here." And then I realized how silly that sounded coming from me, the girl who keeps her door shut at all times and sees privacy as a top priority. Well, if my mom wants to go spending money, she can do that. I can find better ways to waste my money. Like... buying more books and toys instead of reading and playing with the books and toys I already have. Wow, I'm really hypocritical today. Or am I always this way? I don't know. *shrugs*

My "to do" list is piling up, and I'm sitting here being lazy again. I have no idea how my parents put up with me.
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"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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"So," Ade asks her dad, "You wouldn't happen to have any books on pirate ships, would you?" My dad is a Navy captain and obsessed with everything nautical. He can go on for hours about this stuff, and he will if you let him. And of course, his oldest daughter finds boats boring yet decides to write a pirate novel. So I'm gathering research materials and stuff before I write any more (so I don't have to go back and edit as much). I think pirates are interesting, but I need to learn about the ships too, even though it bores me. I'm a nut.
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Alice the mannequin and me!

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*bounces around excitedly* I can't wait until August 31! The Forbidden Zone is coming out on DVD!!!!!!!! I haven't seen that movie in years, since the time Megan and I watched it over here and my dad flipped out and yelled at us because it's a very naughty movie. I think we were 15-ish. But I have the soundtrack and listen to it frequently. The video is almost impossible to find anywhere, but they're showing the movie in theatres now. Not in PA, though. But it's coming out on DVD in less than 2 months! *squeeeee*

Oh yeah, and I showed my mom realultimatepower.net, but I don't think she was impressed. I was also trying to explain the pirates vs. ninjas debate. She also asked if I needed help in my research, but I like to do things by myself and don't like it when my parents take an interest in whatever I'm doing. Then they always want to help and talk about it or something, which I find annoying because I'm an ungrateful little brat.

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