July 11th, 2004

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Kit: I have to stand here [at the microwave] and wait for 40 seconds?
Dad: What, you got a date later?
Kit: I'm going to the movies with you!
Ade: Eww.

What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
A roamin' Catholic!

Ah, the jokes my sister tells me...

And Spam's icon amuses me greatly. And here's a really weird coincidence. And... and... and... Tom Lehrer isn't good dinner music, because it will make you choke on your food and die. My dad was playing "National Brotherhood Week," and just as I was about to swallow, Tom sang, "And everyone hates the Jews." I almost choked to death right there, but somehow I survived. Heh. My personal favorites are "Be Prepared" and "The Irish Ballad."

Yeehaw, it's a Sunday and there's nothing to do. Time for more slacking, even though I should really be cleaning my room!
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Dil Domicile

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This will be me if I ever start dating.

Speaking of silliness, my sis got a portable DVD player and was going to watch a movie out in the tent with her friend (but her friend got sick so that plan fell through). She showed my mom and me the DVD case... for something like "Badder Santa," which looks horrible, stupid, and raunchy. I started laughing because my mom looked disgusted, and my sis swore she didn't read the box and just thought it looked funny. Riiiiight. What next, bringing home "Girls Gone Wild" and thinking it's a girl-powered adventure film? Ha.

Mom: You're not going to stay in the tent and watch a raunchy movie with your sister?
Ade: No, I prefer to watch raunchy movies by myself... I mean... good, wholesome movies. Yeah.
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