July 20th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

I heart Alpha

Wow. Last night was quite awesome. Megan and I went to the second Alpha reading and saw Julie, Leen, Wen Spencer, and Tamora Pierce read. Quite awesome. And then I got really hyper when talking to people afterwards and proved that I have mastered weird timing for comments. Like saying that it's fun to fluff curly hair right as Susanna (who has curly hair) walked by, then turned around and gave me a terrified look. And then talking about eating cheerleaders right as some normal-looking girl who was probably a cheerleader walked by and kept giving me questionable looks. Afterwards, we went and hung out at the dorms until 2 am (we just couldn't leave). It was a lot of fun, and it seemed like Mike would always walk into the room or nearby whenever we were talking about hymens. Heh. Also, I told Susanna that she looks kind of like my pirate girl protagonist (a lovely thing to say to someone I had never really talked to before), so now Anna will chew her nails just like Susanna. Huzzah! I mean... arrrrrr! Well, after some ramen, Megan and I dragged ourselves away and went to King's. I still had "Cannibal" written on my forehead in red marker, though it was kind of smeared. Yeah, I make it a habit of going out in public looking weirder than usual. But last night was quite awesome, and being with Alphans felt like I was Home again.

Oh, and yesterday reached a new level of disgusting. After going to the bathroom, I stood up and saw a big squished moth on the toilet seat. I stood there in horror for a moment, comprehending what had happened. Not only was I grossed out beyond belief, I felt bad for squishing the poor moth. And the last thing it ever saw was my bare ass accelerating towards it. Ewww. Speaking of gross things, one of my cats (probably Moccasin) left me a present on the doormat in the garage. I came home from grocery shopping to find a neatly-decapitated mouse lying on the mat (with its head next to it) and Moccasin poking his head out of the cat door, looking at me. I looked at the mouse and looked at him, then said in a tone rich with sarcasm, "Wow. A decapitated mouse. Thanks, Moccasin." He came out and stood next to the mouse with a look on his face. I'm sure he wanted to say, "I got you a present, Mommy! Aren't you proud of me?" Heh, my cats are amusing. But at least I didn't step on it. My dad has stepped on dead mice twice. Once in his socks, once in his bare feet. Once he stepped on it when Belle was in the middle of eating it, and she looked at him as if to say, "Why did you just step on my breakfast?" Heh.

And for the first time in probably over a decade, I'm wearing pink underwear. Yes, you needed to know that. It came in this pack of undies I bought a few days ago, and I haven't had pink undies in years because I really hate the color. But it came in the package, and I figured I'd take a walk on the wild side and wear them. It feels... kind of wrong. But oh well.

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