July 21st, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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My monitor died last night, so I'm using my dad's computer. Bah. Stupid monitor... the screen kept going blank while Gaara was kicking Rock Lee's ass, and now it won't work at all. Well, I think my dad wanted to get me a new monitor anyway, since my current one is huge and heavy and crappy.

Yesterday was rather adventurous, as the cats brought wild birds in our house. Twice. Both while I was eating. The first time, I was sitting down and just peeling the plastic off my nice, home-cooked TV dinner when I saw Belle chasing something. At first I thought it was Dude or Moccasin, but then I saw that it was small and flying and therefore not a cat. She chased it into the pantry, and I grabbed her and shut her in the basement. She had torn the poor thing's entire tail out, and it was shaking so hard it couldn't move, even when I picked it up using a paper towel. I brought it outside and lay it down on the bench, checking to see if it was badly hurt. It was tail-less and had some ruffled chest feathers, but it didn't appear to have any other serious external injuries. It was pretty stunned and shaken, so I left it alone but kept an eye on it. After a few minutes it stood up, and it must have eventually flown or hopped away. Belle looked pretty irritated that I had liberated her meal, but she's used to it. And later, as my dad and I were finishing our dinner, Dude walked in with a bird in his mouth. He tried to meow as if to say, "Hey, I brought dinner!" and the bird flew out. It was a different one this time, and it looked like it was ok. We grabbed Dude and put him in the basement, and we got the bird out with some clever fish net/paper towel teamwork. It flew off like nothing had happened, so I'm glad that one was ok. Dude didn't seem to care though, he probably just caught it for the thrill of the hunt.

Our neighbors came over to give us some stuff, and my neighbor gave me this book she read called "Pirates," which is... a young adult novel about female pirates. I started laughing and told her about my own pirate novel. But the book she gave me is creative nonfiction, and my novel is all fiction. So I'll read this book to get an idea of what not to write (hey, I'm all about originality) and see what else has been written about pirate girls. Speaking of pirates, I'm working on a web site for my novel-in-progress (hey, it will save you from reading my excited ramblings about it all the time, and it will hopefully motivate me to actually finish the thing). And I gave Anna a livejournal too: anna_morrigan. I have reached a new level of writerly geekiness. Thank you. *bows*
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I love my hand!

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Note to Confluence roommates:
I plan to arrive at the hotel sometime between 3 and 3:30. The idea is to beat the Alphans... wait, let me rephrase that... arrive before the Alphans, so I can hang around the lobby so Slade and Cassie won't have to drag their stuff around, looking for me. I'm giving Megan, Kass, and Kass's friend a ride (Kass, I'll let you know via AIM if I'll be there to pick you up any time after 2:30ish). This should hopefully work out.

Here's my list of stuff I should bring to Confluence. Feel free to suggest things (within reason). I'm also thinking of making rum balls, since I have a bottle of rum that I don't really know what to do with. Or maybe I could make rum cake in my *ahem* new cake pan (Kass, this is still your fault). Rum cake is good and yummy.
- 2 days worth of clothing
- panda ears
- smelted squid
- at least $50 in cash
- a bunch of cup ramen
- a bunch of beverages
- portable cooler (I think we have at least one here...)
- an extra bag for all the books I'll inevitably buy
- any other easy quasi meal-ish food I can find so I won't get kicked out of the con suite for "grazing" (But I'm a cow! With a gun! A little plastic squirt gun, that is...)
- AFC (don't ask)

That's all I can think of for now. And Kass, you need to wear the penis earrings.
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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

Pen Is Envy

Hee. My dad has "Hava Nagila" as his ring tone. That's awesome. It's a fun song to hum. And he loves Jewish people too. I was telling him how I think Jewish people are awesome (really, I do!), and he started talking about how he likes some of his Jewish friends more than his Christian friends because they're so nice. And my dad wants me to sell some stuff on Ebay for him (he said I could keep the profit), so I got myself a seller account. I was going to try to get rid of some spare ink cartridges from my last printer that broke anyway... though they're probably hidden in my massive junk piles.

I was going to go to the last Alpha reading tonight, but I was kind of tired and didn't feel like driving. I would have gone if Megan was going, but her mom was taking her out to dinner. She finally passed her driver's test (and then promised herself she'd never drive again - we'll see how long this lasts). Go Megan!

And going through old entries is fun. Here are some interesting ones (in no particular order):
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Okokok, I've posted enough today. I'll shut up now.
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