July 26th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Phew. What a weekend. Confluence was a lot of fun, and I decided I like most of this year's new Alphans. I am also a lot awesomer, for I bought a sword cane. And made everyone jealous, particularly my under-18 friends who couldn't buy weaponry. Bwahahahahahaaaaaa! A sword cane is such a geek chick magnet too. But I am no longer the panda porn star. I have moved up in life. Now I'm the panda pimp. And Nick came for a while yesterday, so it was good to see him again. Of course, I had to introduce him to lots of my friends, and some now refer to him as Cabin Boy (I had told them earlier that the cabin boy Jacob in my novel was based off a younger version of Nick). A bunch of us went to the mall yesterday, and half of us were in costume (I wore the panda ears, so that counts), so we got weird looks. After visiting Hot Topic, we thought it would be funny to go into Abercrombie and Fitch. Leen and Jill held hands and pretended to be lesbians, so Zan and I did the same (which sort of worked, since she's only a few inches taller than me) and talked loudly about eating cheerleaders and stuff. And we got a picture of us outside the store pretending to be lesbians. So now Zan is my fake girlfriend, which is funny because she's 2/3 my age (yes, I know I'm just as bad as Brandon and Nick, if not worse). So that makes Xavid my fake brother-in-outlaw. The con was way too much fun, and it was very interesting sharing a room with Megan, Slade, Kass, and Cassie. Especially fighting with Megan in the dark last night. I am now not only the Panda Pimp and Exlaxorcist, I'm also the Nippleslapper. I seem to collect titles like Pez dispensers.

A few fun quotes:
"Hi, person I don't know that I just slept with!"
- Kass to Cassie, upon waking up
"I like wine. I was raised Catholic."
- Megan
"You're cheating on your fake girlfriend with your brother! How low is that?"
- Ade to Zan
"Ow! Your toes are digging into my cellulite!"
- Megan to Ade (during the fight-in-the-dark)

Yes, there will be many pictures soon enough. But I should go to bed soon. Yes. So tired. *collapses*
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