August 2nd, 2004

Dil Domicile

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Wow. Today was awesome. I met up with Diane, Lindsey, and Mara at China Palace, and then we got Megan and went to Diane's house. Alex With The Awesome Hat came over, and we watched Here is Greenwood. Very slashtastic. And Alex has a flying squirrel, which is incredibly cute. It was great to see people again. And at one point, we were in the basement, and Diane's dog kept trying to molest me (he kept sniffing my butt, chewing on my pants, attempting to hump my leg, etc.), and Megan told me I should just climb on something tall. Then Megan assumed she knew what I was thinking and slapped me really hard in the ear with a piece of paper. She thought I was thinking about climbing on her since she's tall, but I was really wondering what tall thing I could climb on and if I was capable of climbing it. Then she started apologizing, and I found the situation quite hilarious, even though my ear stung. It was pretty amusing that I got hit because Megan assumed I was thinking something that I wasn't. Though it kind of hurt and I was wrongly punished. Well, I guess this is what I get... Megan and I have been close friends for years, and she usually has a good idea of what I'm thinking, it's just that this time things got a wee bit out of hand. But it's still funny.

I got myself a Ned for my car about a week ago. He's anatomically correct, and when Mara and Megan were playing with him in my car, they'd pull his shorts down and stick him on the window to freak people out. Ah, nothing like little plastic dangly bits against your car window to make things interesting.

And Megan and I decided that Diane is so awesome, she needs a cult following. Really, Diane, you just define amazing.
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