August 5th, 2004

Dil Domicile

Jews in spaaaaaaaaaaace!

Ah, what a fun evening. I went over to Megan's house, and Laura was there for a while too. We watched History of the World Part 1 (the edited, TV version, which was entertaining but too damn censored), some really bad 70s blacksploitation kung fu movie starring a Playboy Playmate (and I had to be immature and giggle at all the gratuitous boob scenes), and a couple episodes of Daria. We also played Final Fantasy somenumber, and I named the character SfëbÔgjy (fun with random letters). Fun times. And Megan said she had a dream that I sent her a vibrator, and her mom saw it, so they went to this huge Walmart-ish adult store to return it, only Megan wasn't quite sure what to do since her mom was there, and apparently her mom was going to buy porn or something for her dad. I'm glad I've enriched people's dreams so much.

So my dad and I are driving my car to Vermont on Saturday. He'll do 3/4 of the driving, which is good because I found that I really hate driving long distances. Also, my parents think I should just return to college by myself this year, since I have a car now and don't really need them. I suppose that's good, only I'll need to pack a lot more selectively, and I won't be able to squish in my mannequin on that trip. I tend to have too much stuff up at college, so it fills up the back of my mom's minivan, even when she takes out the backseat. So squishing everything into Echo will be fun. But I'm probably getting a new monitor soon, one that isn't bulky and insanely heavy. And I have a bunch of furniture and stuff in storage, too. But perhaps this year I'll avoid bringing too many books, just a few... really...

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I love my hand!

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Last night I had this dream that I was in a parking lot outside a strip mall. Mike and Rachel were there, and apparently they had a motorcycle. And they wanted to tango across the parking lot, which was pretty funny. And my mom and I were trying to get individual pizzas or something.

My sister called from Vermont, and talking to her was entertaining, as usual, even though she talks way too much. While I was talking to her, I looked outside and saw a bird at the bird feeder. Dude jumped about 4 feet in the air and tried to climb up the metal pole (and almost succeeded), but the bird flew away. When he fell back down, it rained bird seed all around him. That was the funniest thing I've seen all day. And I filled the bird feeder this morning, but the scoop thingy was a bottomless orange juice jug without a lid, so I had to hold one end while dumping the seed into the feeder... which was about 6 feet off the ground, so even on tiptoe, I had a hard time reaching it and ended up dumping a good portion of the bird seed on myself. Well, if my dad sees the seeds scattered all over the place and wants to complain or laugh at me, he can fill the feeder next time. It's too high for me... but I'm used to things being too high for me.

"My new nickname is Adrienne."
- Katie (apparently Pop Pop keeps getting us mixed up, even though we're pretty much polar opposites)

(we were talking about John Brown for some reason)
Ade: He died a few hundred years ago.
Katie: No, he died like 200 years ago.
Ade: Yeah, that's a few.
Katie: No, that's a couple. You know, like a man and a woman, a couple.
Ade: So he died a man and a woman hundred years ago.
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