August 16th, 2004

I love my hand!

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Jeez, so many things happened while I was away. I missed all the Kingdom of Loathing excitement, they changed like half the comics in the paper, and I heard something about nullifying gay marriages in California on the radio. Whaaaaa?!?!?!

But I got a postcard from my wonderful crazy selfcannibalistic fake girlfriend! Yay! Thanks, Zan! You rock! And I also got my forehead protector, so I can go around telling everyone I'm a ninja.

Hey, does anyone in the area want to go back to school shopping tomorrow or something? I really have no taste in clothing except when it comes to amusing t-shirts, and even if I do buy clothing before my mom gets home, if it's not to her liking, she'll just drag me to the mall until she's satisfied. I was talking to my dad about this yesterday, and apparently I'm like a guy when it comes to clothing. I wear the same stuff repeatedly, 3/4 of my shirts are black (but Ben still wears more black than me, so I'm not entirely monochromatic...), I hate clothes shopping, my mom still buys a lot of my clothes, I rarely try anything on before buying it, and I won't even consider anything form-fitting. This drives my mom nuts. But this is the way I am. Though I get more variety when I'm in costume. Costumes are so much fun.

So I was originally going back on the 24th, but I'm thinking about going back earlier. I just get antsy at home, and I want to see my friends again. Plus, I need more time to unpack, set stuff up, get things out of storage, etc. A bunch of my friends are going back early too. So I might go back the 22nd or 23rd and just stay at the house (people will be there anyway, and I doubt the doors will be locked), then just get my keys the 24th. Something will work. I just get bored at home.

So, on to tales of Vermont. We played lots of Scattergories, which is fun. There were lots of funny answers, and my sister thought that "X-box" starts with an E (an ex-box?). Of course, I put down "evil little gnome" for "terms of endearment" and had to explain that to my family. And Defense Against the Dark Arts is a legitimate school subject. Heh. We should play Scattergories for Tuesday group sometime. It gets the creative juices flowing. We went to The Red Mill (a local restaurant), and as soon as I opened the menu, I saw "Drunken Elephant" under the specialty drinks section. It actually looked pretty good (I think it was coconut rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, and a lychee nut), and my sister kept pressuring me to order it until I caved in. I gave her a spoonful, and she said, "That was good!" I thought it was decent, but a bit too alcoholic-tasting (I like drinks that are fruity enough to disguise the taste). My uncle and aunt were up there for a while too, and so was Pop Pop. We saw some of our cousins (my Nana's cousin Knight and his family) and met Ashley, who is Knight's 11-year-old, half black granddaughter... and a lot taller than me. But she was nice and fun, and I get along better with younger people than I do with people my own age, anyway (in most cases). I did a lot of knitting, and I'm making exciting underwear. I only went on one boat ride (across the lake to Essex for lunch), and my sister actually didn't convince me to go swimming in my clothes this year. Ha! I win! We went to Addison County Field Days, which is a big agricultural event, and I got to see all the animals. In one barn, there was this boy who was probably about 12, lying in the hay with his young cow, cuddling with this animal that was probably about twice his size. It was one of the cutest, sweetest things I've ever seen. I should have taken a picture. And I got some nice alpaca yarn, so I can make mittens or something. My mom and I went to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, and it seems like each year, the museum is different. It keeps evolving. It was nice having my car up there, though. Of course, there were enough vehicles up there for everyone, even my sister. She kept bugging my parents to let her drive, even though she's only 14 1/2. I quickly made a new rule that she's not allowed to drive my car. And just for future reference, never go above 40 on a dusty gravel road, especially when turning corners. Swerving out of control is no fun, even if it only lasts 10 seconds and there's nobody else on the road. The speed limit is 40 for a reason. Don't go over it. I got some goodies for the house at Dakin Farm. Pumpkin butter, maple syrup, and a cow potholder. Everything at Dakin Farm is so... delicious. And they always have free samples available, so you can go around munching while you shop. Well... that's all I can think of at the moment.

Fun quotes:

Dad: Did you know... that Pierce Brosnan, who plays the most famous movie character...
Ade: Pee Wee Herman?
Dad: Curse upon you, you evil daughter!

(heh... I love annoying my dad)

"I put the head in my suitcase."
- Ade (I was referring to this Greek ceramic head of Alexander the Great or somebody, but that sentence came out funny)

Mom: (to my snoring dad in bed one night) Turn over on your side.
Dad: (obviously asleep) I am on my side.
Mom: Turn over on your side.
Dad: I know, I sent an email about it.

(this is the guy who talks about technology in his sleep, according to my mom)

Ok, time for me to shower, get dressed, and do stuff. Weeee!
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