August 17th, 2004

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After going back 2 or 3 days into friends entries, I got tired. I'll look at the rest tomorrow. Weeee. I had a bunch of amusing dreams this week. Here are some of them:

- I was apparently living in this big dorm, and my room was next to Nick's. We were taking art classes, only I forgot which class I was in. And this had something to do with Alpha too. I went back to my room, and apparently I was living in a room full of bunk beds with a bunch of Alpha girls (some new, some former). I had apparently put on some really dorky song in Nick's room, but it was really loud and people wanted to go to bed, so I went next door to ask him to turn it down. But it turned out that two guys I didn't know had moved there. And I also had another room somewhere in the building. So I must have gone to find Nick, and I saw Jenn and we walked around the building talking.

- I don't remember most of this dream, but I just remember driving through Monroeville (probably to a WorD meeting) and this van passed me. I looked inside and saw Emma driving and grinning at me. A bunch of Alphans were in the van, but I don't remember who else was there (except Slade). Alpha dreams rock.

- I was visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and I ended up walking around in a towel that was way too small. Then I put on some clothes, and I saw Nick. We went into a room and sat on a green couch. I went to put my arm around him, but then I woke up clutching my blanket and wondering where Nick went. It was disappointing.

- I had a boat, and I was going to row it to some dock at night. Then there was some nonsense bit with a school and Derek and some other people I knew, and then a bunch of people were in this basement. Some of them had been shot and were dying, and the building upstairs was on fire. Then they killed the bad guy at the top of the stairs, and he was melting or something. Suddenly the door burst open and some little girl said she was there to make sure people were ok. Very weird.

So my sis starts high school soon. She's terrified. A few weeks ago, my dad asked me to reassure her that things would be ok, but I laughed and told him that I wasn't going to lie about it. Then he told me not to scare her. Damn. So much for telling her about the baby alligators in the plumbing and the math teachers that put hexes on you so you get your period in their class like every month. Well, actually only half of that is true. Don't ask. So what am I supposed to say? Apparently my sis is agonizing over the new social situation. She's used to being popular and stuff, but now she'll be a lowly freshman. I was always used to being at the bottom of the social totem pole, so that really didn't matter to me. Yeah, high school sucks, but it's better than middle school. And college is better than high school. She's worried about the new cliques and stuff. Well, once you find people you really click with, it doesn't really matter. I mean, I had a few good friends and other friends and acquaintances in high school... I don't know how to describe my friends group... we were pretty eclectic. But most of us were really intelligent and weird. I tend to gravitate to highly intelligent, weird-in-a-cool-way people. But college was different. You meet a lot of really nice, interesting people in college. But it took me a while to find the ones I really connected with. That happened second semester of freshman year, when I met Jen, and she got me involved in Tuesday group and Argo, the source of 75% of my college friends. And Katie... well, she pretty much fits the teen girl stereotype. And there are a lot of girls like that, and she has lots of friends and makes them easily. I'm the socially inept one, though I actually have a ton of friends, and apparently I can get over my shyness in certain situations or when I'm around certain people. Like a lot of my Alpha/Confluence/otherrelatedthings friends don't realize how pathetically shy I am, because at Alpha/Confluence/etc. I'm friendly and fun and goofy and generally don't cower away from people unless they're grownups I've never met before. That's another thing. I'm a lot less shy around the under-18 crowd, especially if they're at least a little bit weird. I get along with teenagers better than any other age group... probably because I have the mindset of one. Yeah, I'm barely out of my teens myself, but I'm technically an "adult." Ha. Me an adult. Yeah right. I'm really 12, not 21. Though apparently I've gone from looking 12 to looking 15 or 16. But anyway, I adore my younger friends. They're so much fun, so imaginative and ambitious and creative. You see, this is why I love writing young adult fiction (especially fantasy). I have the right mindset and the right friends to draw material from. When Nesset was bugging me to stay away from genre fiction (grrrr) and young characters (GRRRR), I really had a hard time with that. When I go to write a story, it's almost always from the perspective of a teenage girl (or somewhere in that range). I have a really hard time adopting an adult viewpoint. They're much more serious and kind of dull. No offense to you adults reading this, I'm just speaking of grownups in general, not the cool, weird, young-at-heart adults I'm friends with. I'm just a teenage girl at heart. But weird teenage girls seem to really like me though. *glances at about a third of her friends list* They think I'm cool and funny and interesting, and that makes me happy. And I know a lot of people like me because I make them feel funny (since I laugh at just about anything, even if it's not really funny).

Yeah, that was a long rambly paragraph. I was talking to my dad yesterday about how quiet I usually am, but he said that when I do talk, I usually have something important or interesting to say, unlike most people. Is that true? I mean, I know I occasionally get wound up and start chattering away about stupid stuff, but that's usually just when I'm excited or hyper. I sure hope I'm interesting.

And I know this is like the 3rd really long entry of the day. Sorry to clutter up your friends page. I just went through LJ withdrawal all week.

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I updated my photo journal with pictures from Confluence and Vermont.

Also, Dude's new nickname is Brave Sir Robin. This scruffy, mean cat that we call Grisabella was hanging out on our lawn, and when Dude saw the other cat, he ran inside. My dad said, "Oh look, it's Brave Sir Robin," and then we both started singing the song. Heh.

I went to Walfart today, and even though I really wanted to go alone, Katie insisted on coming along. I was firm when I said no, but then my mom urged me to take her with me (grrr). I got some school supplies (my sister looked at my list and asked if soap was considered school supplies) and cat stuff, and we both ended up getting Superman underwear. Woohoo. Maybe tomorrow I'll go clothes shopping and then get a new monitor since this one sucks and keeps randomly flickering out for several minutes at a time when I'm trying to do something.
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