August 19th, 2004

I love my hand!

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My new monitor is t3H s3Xx0R! It's awesome and thin and light and works and has better brightness/contrast and bla bla bla <3 <3 <3

(At CompUSA)
Ade: They had a section for gender changers, but I was disappointed. It was just plugs and cables.
Dad: Someday you will get professional help...

Hmmm... I just had a random thought. Do they sell comps at CompUSA? Because it would really be a big relief to just buy one instead of actually doing the comp next semester. But nooooo, I have to write 50 pages of something the English department will approve of, which means I can't write what I want. Oh well. 50 pages really isn't bad. I mean, I've written 15-20-page stories in a day or two (likeatAlphaandNesset'sclass), I can do 50 pages in one semester. It's just all the editing and stuff I'll have to do. And I hate editing. When people critique my work, I usually take their thoughts into consideration and remember them when I'm writing something else. If I really care about the critiqued piece, I'll go back and edit it... once. But editing is so much more agonizing than writing, and I tend to have writers' ADD anyway - I start something and then abandon it after 2 pages unless I'm really passionate about it (or if it's for class). Well, enough babbling about writing.

Anyway, I'm happy. And I called (wow) and got permission to go back on Sunday. And I should really get packing! Gyaaaaah!
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