August 20th, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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Heh. I'm special. Yesterday's CompUSA quote is now immortalized in metaquotes. Many people enjoyed that one. I was wandering around the store waiting for my dad to show up so we could go monitor-shopping, and I did a double-take at the "gender changers" section. I just remember thinking, "wow, it would be so awesome if they were real gender changers!" Then I walked around the store thinking about how I'd definitely change my gender for a few days every month if I could. Just think. Instead of having "moon time," I'd have "penis time." And being flat-chested would make life easier too.

Heh. Penis time. That's funny.

I took my sister and some of her friends to the mall today, since they needed a ride and I needed to go shopping anyway. I ended up buying a bunch of clothes, a My Little Pony watch, and some purple hair dye. Yeah, I'm gonna do it. I've wanted to dye my hair purple since I was 16, and I'm going to dye it sometime this semester. I figure this is my last opportunity for a while, since in the future I'll probably have a job that requires normal-colored hair or something. Of course, once I make enough money as a writer to make that a full-time career (hahahahahahahahahaha, like that's ever going to happen), I could dye my hair puce if I wanted to, and nobody would care. Or get a periwinkle afro. Hmmm. Maybe I can coerce one of my college friends to help me with the hair-dying, since I've never dyed more than a couple strands before and will inevitably botch it up if I attempt it alone. Well, I have several friends up there who are experienced with this sort of thing. And you guys won't mind using a purple-stained bath tub, will you? *snickers at Alpha memories*

Anyway, after several hours of shopping, we went to the pet store to squeal over the cute little animals. We got to play with this labradoodle puppy, it was so cute and soft and playful and made me want a puppy even though I'm a cat lady. I like dachshunds. They're just so cute. They had a couple at the pet store, and one had the bluest eyes. So cute! And the kittens, oh, the kittens... there was one cage that had three kittens in it. A brown tabby, a gray one, and a black one. Just like Moccasin, Dude, and Belle. Hehehe. So of course I have to gush about kittens. Gush, gush, gush.

After all that shopping, I'm tired. But... I need to do more packing. I was going to get an oil/filter change today and fill up the gas tank, but I didn't have time. Oh well, I'll do everything tomorrow. And tomorrow will be craaaazy as I cram things into boxes and try to get everything done before I leave Sunday afternoon. Weeee!
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I actually squealed when I saw this

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I just preordered The Forbidden Zone on DVD. I'm thrilled. Just 11 more days until it's released... And then I must get all my housemates together so they can share in the amazement. I haven't seen the movie since sometime in high school. Megan had this video that was a copy of a copy, and I saw it like twice. But the second time was at my house, and my dad flipped out at us for watching it, since it's rather... uh... inappropriate to watch when your dad is in the room. But I love the movie. It's so absurd, it's great. And it's guaranteed to offend everybody!

Oh yeah, and I was wandering around Hot Topic and saw this. I immediately thought, "Wow, Ben has to get this shirt!" It's just... amazing. And this reminds me of Nick. Heeheehee, Hot Topic has the most amazing t-shirts ever. I got a Harry Potter shirt. It's snug even though I got an XL, but... Harry is sexy, dammit, and I don't care if I'm a pedophile.
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