August 26th, 2004

I'm just a sweet transvestite...

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So. I thought I was going to the ren fest on Saturday, but I guess not. I got emails from 2 teachers saying we're required to go to the 8-hour drawing thing Saturday for at least 2 hours. Now that should be interesting, but it fucks with my plans. Oh well. I can always go Sunday or one of the other weekends. And then I can bring my crazy college friends with me! Weeeee! I know Nick wanted to go, maybe other people do too.

Anyway, today I had my first Forms of Poetry class. It should be interesting, but it will require me to actually read stuff and respond to it instead of just not doing readings and only doing work I have to turn in. Oh well. That's Bakken for ya. Tomorrow I just have Chinese in the morning, and then the weekend is free. Well, except for the drawing thing, but that will be interesting, and it's only a bother since it makes me reschedule stuff.

Nick and I watched Whispers of the Heart last night. It was pretty good, very nice and sweet and stuff. Except I don't remember a large chunk of the movie since I was trying really hard not to fall asleep for a while, and I couldn't read the subtitles with my eyes closed. This is why I shouldn't watch movies late at night after a busy day.

Also, Jess is fun to have around because we flirt like crazy and molest each other. Meanwhile, Ben and Nick just sort of stare at us. I can't tell whether they're jealous, amused, or turned on. But they don't seem to object, so I'll just assume that they like the chick on chick action (hey, who doesn't?). And they know we're not being serious or anything. *giggles* I less than three you, Jess! (ha, I'm using Xavidisms now)
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