August 27th, 2004


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So I've decided to go vegetarian, and I've been at it since I got here. It's actually pretty easy for me, since I rarely ate meat anyway, and Ben and Nick are vegetarians so when we cook, we can agree on stuff. But the issue is coming out of the cupboard to my parents. Hee, I like that expression. You see, my parents like to have meat for almost every meal and actually believe that Atkins crap. I've been trying very unsuccessfully to go at least semi-vegetarian since junior high, but now that I'm away from my parents, I'm free of their dietary influence. Of course, I'll need to tell them pretty soon, since I'll see them every so often and won't want my mom to do something like cook chicken pot pie especially for me (veggie pot pie, maybe). At least with an email, I'll probably only get the condensed dietary lecture that they always give me. If I told them face to face, it would probably be different. Heh. I can see it now...

Ade: Mom, Dad... I have something to tell you.
Mom + Dad: Oh no! What is it?
Ade: Well, you see... this is hard for me to tell you, but... I've decided to become a... *chickens out* a man!
Mom: Phew! What a relief!
Dad: We thought you were going to tell us you went vegetarian or something!
Ade: Um...
Dad: Well, it's ok. We figured you'd want to eventually. We'll pay for your surgery.
Ade: But...
Mom: I'm sorry I used to get on your case about what you wore. You were such a cute little tomboy anyway.
Ade: *sigh* Oh well. I guess I'll just go... uh, watch some gay porn or something.
Dad: Have fun!
Mom: As long as you're still eating meat!
Ade: "Eating meat," eh? *facepalm* Oops, I forgot to turn off the innuendo around my parents...

Yes, I know I'm a sillyhead. And no, I don't want to really become a man. Yet.

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