August 28th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Ah, last night was quite amazing. A lot of people were over, and there was much drinking. I only had a moderate amount (a cup of this fruity wine, plus some spiked orange juice) and was somewhat tipsy, but not quite drunk. Deltron said I was slurring a bit more than usual. Drunk people are fun because they're silly. And with my friends, who are silly to begin with, alcohol increases the silliness exponentially. Playing Pretty Pretty Princess with Evil Thom and John was quite hilarious. And I got pictures of them wrestling, which will be online soon. *grins*

The only real downside of the evening was when Kitt, one of the housing coordinators, decided to stop by. And Dude was on the stairs. He was nice about it, but he told us we have a week to find Dude a new home. Well, fuck. We haven't been here a week, and we've already gotten busted. The funny thing was, Kitt assumed we were all over 21 too. Well, most of us were, but there were a couple underage drinkers over. Anyway, I think I'll take Dude home next weekend, wait a couple weeks, then bring him back. And then we'll have a better plan for hiding him.

Today I went to the 8-hour drawing thing for a couple hours, and in a little while I'm going to head back and watch the rest of it. It's quite interesting. It makes me want to write poetry, even though most of my poetry sucks. Woot.

Well... off I go. Ta ta.
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