August 29th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Derek and I went power shopping at Walfart, so now we have enough food for a week or two. But I couldn't find the perogies, so I was sad. Well, at least I know where to find them at Bilo.

Last night was fun. Some of us went to a dirty hippie party hosted by some of Nick's former vegan house housemates (they had the silliest, most awesome parties last year). We just dressed like hippies, there were no drugs (just alcohol, but I didn't have any). The highlight of the evening was when a bunch of people were playing with the dirty dice, and there was much chick-on-chick action. Hooray for girls kissing and stuff! I didn't play, I just watched and laughed. And Derek lost at Jenga, so he had to bite Thom's ear. It was great.

Also, I have a special treat for you all. Yes, certain photos are now online. Thom and John are the hottest writers' house gay couple. Behold! Boy-on-boy action!

Thank you, thank you. I know I am awesome.

Oh yeah, and I've been metaquoted again. Go me!
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