September 4th, 2004

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I'm home right now, but I'm going back to school sometime tomorrow, preferably in the early afternoon or morning (if I actually wake up then). I have a bunch of stuff to do for Ceramics, plus a Chinese quiz on Monday, so I'll need to get busy as soon as I come back. *sigh* I'm going to miss Dude. I think we all will. Ok, we won't miss the yowling in the wee hours, but we'll miss having a sweet warm friendly ball of fluff around.

I went to the ren fest with Megan and Laura today. It was wonderful and fun, as usual. I got me some garb. It's basically a black dress with pretty trim on the sleeves, with a ribbon belt. Simple yet interesting, and only $35. I like it because it's the perfect length, roomy, comfy, and modest (NO squeezy cleavage-baring for me, thankyouverymuch). I got it from the same woman I got my cloak from last year at SCA war practice (The Bored Housewife). She makes good things that aren't expensive ($35 for a dress!), she's helpful, and she makes stuff that actually fits a person of my height and girth without altering. And she's amusing to talk to (I remember last year at war practice when she and CJ were discussing lost virginity, that was fun). So it was a good time. And driving while wearing bell sleeves is interesting.

Last night my neighbor was going to the exotic pet store to buy crickets for her new tomato frog (I met Rosie, she's so cute and fat and red and smooth and a little slimy but really cool). So my sis and other neighbor Elli and I came along, because Bonnie is cool and likes hanging out with the neighborhood kids. And on the way, she stopped to talk to a deer in the road. I was only in the pet store for a few minutes (it was right at closing time), but they had the most amazing animals, like cobras and a bengal cat and a hyacinth macaw and giant millipedes and all sorts of other creatures. I've been thinking about getting a turtle on and off for the past year, and a turtle would be easier to hide than a cat. Hmmm. We'll see. Anyway, we also went out for ice cream, and that was happiness.

Elli is so funny. She's in 3rd grade now, and her hands and feet have outgrown mine slightly in the past couple months (we compared sometime in June, I think, and they were the same size). She's up to my shoulder, but in a couple years she'll be taller than me. But she'll probably move back to Sweden before that happens. I think they're leaving after this school year. Anyway, I used to call her Gummi Bear, but then she didn't want to be called that because some mean little bastards on the bus were making fun of her. So she calls me Big Gummi Bear and gives me a big hug every time she sees me. She's so cute too. Yesterday she was on our front porch talking to my sis and me about something, and then she randomly looked at me with a sweet, innocent face and asked, "Oh, and... could you take us somewhere?" in such a cute voice. She and her friend wanted to go to the movies, and she almost convinced me, but then Bonnie asked us if we wanted to go to the pet store. And while we were in the car, I was talking about my housemates (Bonnie was telling me I'd fit in well with her family since they're all short, and I was talking about how I'm living with a bunch of tall guys). Elli turned to me and asked me another question in that really cute voice of hers.

Elli: Is there someone at school that you loooooooove?
Ade: I love all my friends.
Elli: No, is there someone that you love love?
Ade: You mean like mushy-gushy love?
Elli: Yeah.
Ade: *smirk* Ha! I'm not telling!
(Bonnie and Katie start cracking up)
Elli: Ooooooh! *sings* Ade's got a boyfriend! Ade's got a boyfriend!
Ade: *sings* Elli's got a boyfriend! Elli's got a boyfriend!

Actually, I don't know if she has any puppy love in her life right now, but she'll probably have no shortage of boyfriends in a few years. But anyway, Elli never fails to amuse me.
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