September 9th, 2004

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Um, about yesterday's rant. Scratch that, I am a fuckwit. You see, Jess Day (president of Golem) had tried to call me so we could figure out meeting arrangements, but she never could get in touch with me so that's why they held the meeting at the AGP house. A few days ago, Derek told me that someone named Jess had called, but I didn't recognize the number or area code, and Derek didn't get her last name. I have probably half a dozen friends named Jess, and those are just the ones I'm currently in touch with. And Derek said she sounded older, so I thought, "Aaaaah, a grownup!" And I never returned the call, because I'm like that (in case some of you don't know, I'm terrified of calling people, especially those I don't know or don't know the last names of, and I am HORRIBLE at returning calls). So when Jess told me that at the meeting, I felt like a real fuckwit and apologized. I'm so good at really embarrassing myself, especially in front of many of my friends who will not let me forget this and several new freshmeats. Oh well. Golem still likes us. I guess we won't be burning down the AGP house after all. Sorry, Thom.

I went to Walfart yesterday and got a bunch of stuff. When I was paying for the stuff, this dweeb of a cashier started talking to me. I was buying this locked cash box type thing for the purpose of hiding certain things.

Cashier: Do you have a business or something?
Ade: No...
Cashier: Then why do you need a fireproof safe?
Ade: (For my crack and dead baby skulls, you nosy douchebag) For... stuff.

I also got lots of toilet paper (a "torso of toilet paper," as Thom put it), and he slammed the pack down on the bag wheel thingy, it made a thunk, and he looked at the label (the brand name was something with the word "soft" in it), said, "Soft, eh?" and started laughing. I think at that point I was so tired that I found the guy amusing in sort of that sad, dumb way. Also, I hate the stupid parking lot at the Meadville Walfart. And I still want a turtle or something.

Last night, some of us went onto The Forbidden Floor (well, the attic, not the basement - we're only allowed to use half the floors in this house) to check out the ceiling leakage. I didn't see any dead bodies up there, but there were rooms and the place was really dilapidated and looked like the perfect setting for a horror movie. The roof was leaking, and it was raining really hard last night so water was dripping into two of the rooms. I didn't know the roof leaked when I lived in one of those rooms last year. Though that explains why I discovered that a pile of papers and stuff on the floor had mysteriously gotten wet and warped somehow. My room was safe though. Well, hopefully physical plant will fix the problem soon. Even though they don't really care about the house since they're tearing it down after this school year.

Last night I decided to lie down for a few minutes, and I ended up falling asleep. I woke up at 1 am, and Nick had put a blanket over me and turned the light out, so I just slept in my clothes. I really need to clean my room too. I worked on it a bit today, but there's still so much to be done. Weeeee!
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