September 10th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Ah, Friday. No more classes for a few days. Good, because I'm worn out. And tonight there will probably be much drinking at the writers' house (and... probably just about everywhere else on campus, since this is college after all). Yesterday I went to Bilo and a couple alcohol stores with Thom and Derek (poor Derek, I think he drinks more than anybody else in the house, and he won't be 21 until February...). I got some strawberry margarita stuff. And I want to watch The Forbidden Zone tonight, since I have it on DVD now and haven't watched it since that time during high school when Megan brought it over and my dad went ballistic.

Last night I ended up staying awake until 2, playing chess with Nick. I've only played a few times before and hadn't played in months, but I did pretty well. He thought he could trounce me in 4 moves, but I seem to be pretty good at chess for a beginner. Of course, I was getting really tired and made a couple stupid moves, but by the time he finally cornered me, he was down to a king and a bishop and I was lying on the floor, half-asleep, poking my king into the corner so the game would just end and I could go to bed. It was a good game.
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