September 17th, 2004

I love my hand!

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Nick and I went to the playground up the hill yesterday. I really love playgrounds. I like the swings, they make me feel like I'm flying even though my bum and thighs start to ache after a while (they need to make bigger swings for people with hips). And I can walk under the arches on the big playground thingie and have a couple inches to spare. I have to twist a bit though, since my shoulders and hips are grownup-sized. And Nick felt awkward when other kids showed up, because he's big, but I don't think bigness should keep people from having fun at the playground. I also think they should make playgrounds for big people. It would be good for them. They'd get exercise and have fun. Grownups don't laugh enough. They need to play more and have fun, then they'll be healthier and won't have to cry in therapy as much. I think it would solve a lot of world problems if grownups had playgrounds and blew bubbles and squished playdoh and took naps more often. I'm such a little kid. I'm not really 21, I've just been a kid for a rather long time. And I don't plan on growing up. Ever. Even when I have to get a job and apartment, and even if I ever get married and have kids and give them weird names like Mephistopheles or Clitoris or something equally traumatizing.

Wooo, Friday! Fondue party tonight and ren fest tomorrow! And I aced my Chinese test this morning. Yay, go me! And now I can relax. Phew.
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