September 24th, 2004

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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Ugh. Either my alarm didn't go off this morning or I didn't hear it, because I didn't wake up until 8:51, when someone (probably Nick) knocked on my door. I managed to throw on some clothes and make it to class with a minute to spare. Go me!

Whew, Friday. No more classes. And tonight is a Friday night. And we all know what that means. Today they're having something for seniors in the campus center, so I'll probably go and see what's going on... I suppose I should at least ask the career services people what kind of jobs are available to creative writing majors ("Well, Burger King and Bilo are always hiring..."). And then I'm going food shopping with a couple AGP people, since I volunteered to help make some food for the dinner "out" on Sunday. I'm making stuffed mushrooms. They're vegan, since I know that some people who go to AGP meetings are vegan. And I like stuffed mushrooms. Hey, people on campus, if you want free food, come to the AGP house Sunday at 5. You don't even have to be gay. Though if you live at the writers' house (or associate with us), you're probably gayer than anyone in the AGP house. Even if you're straight.

Damn, talking about food makes me hungry. Err, hungrier. I don't want to wait an hour until lunch. Me get snack now! *ninja vanish*
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