September 30th, 2004

I'm a dorkety dork dork

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Lotsa stuff happening lately. School stuff, house stuff, silly stuff, etc. Last night I drew a diagram of girly bits and described it to Nick, Thom, and Derek. We should make shirts that say, "I found the clitoris." Also, a good euphemism for the clitoris is "buried treasure." Hee.

Ummm... seems like everything else I want to talk about will have to go in my friends-only journal. Just seeeeecret stuff that doesn't belong in a public entry.

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Tim Curry just plain rocks

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I want rats! Jess's rats are so cute and nice and rats aren't that hard to take care of and they're cute and fluffy!

In other news, I watched C-Span for almost 2 hours today, which is weird since politics bore me. But the house was debating the proposed homophobic marriage amendment, and that's really the only political issue I feel strongly about, so I watched it for a while. Barney Frank is awesome. Massachusetts rocks my socks.
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