October 2nd, 2004


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So, I think the house made a good impression on my mom and sister. Between the mountains of dirty dishes, my room that I didn't clean up as much as I wanted to, hungover housemates, Rose walking into the kitchen wearing only a sheet, all the empty beer bottles on the back porch, people sleeping in the living room, and all the other delightful quirks of the house, I think she was impressed. Heh. Actually, she took it pretty well. She can be a bit of a neat freak sometimes, but she has 2 brothers, so the state of our house wasn't entirely shocking to her. Uncle John and Aunt Kathleen came too, and it was fun to see them again. I'm surprised they drove all the way from Massachusetts just to see me for a day, but I must be really special. We went to Los Compadres and brought Nick and Derek along too. And last night, after my family left, I hung out with some of my housemates and watched movies and stuff. Rose and Kelly were over in the wee hours. Kelly (one of the nude models for my figure drawing class) said she thought my drawings were among the best in that class, so I was all squealy and happy and feeling good about myself. Nothing like an ego handjob to make you smile. And I'd never really talked to her before, but she was really nice and funny and cool and stuff.

And now I have stuff to do today. Weeee! Bye.
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