October 10th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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I've been thinking. Is it really a good idea to bring Dude back? I mean... he seems happy here. He has other animal friends and people who love him. He spends a lot of time outside. As much as I want to have him with me back at school (and most of my housemates want him back too), it seems like he'd be happier living with my family, not confined inside a house with no other animals. *sigh* Well, I have until tomorrow to make the decision. And if I don't bring him back, perhaps I could get some rats or something because I've been thinking about it... or a BUNNY... *shrugs* Suggestions, anyone?

Also, thongs do not count as underwear. The point of underwear is to cover both your genitalia and ass. Thongs just don't do the job. If you like the feeling of your ass rubbing against your pants or skirt or whatever, just go commando. Going commando is at least respectable, since wearing underwear is a personal choice. I take people far less seriously if I see a thong poking out. Unless they're gay men or transgendered people, but of course, to me they could get away with wearing anything. Anyway, people shouldn't wear thongs. Especially people's kid sisters. At least some of us have the decency to wear proper underpants. Thank you. I'm done now.

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