October 17th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Ever have those dreams where a friend you've known for years is trying to make out with you, and you wake up feeling really creeped out? Especially if that friend is 100% platonic, also female, and straight. Yep. I also dreamed of video games that don't exist but should and going to this sex shop. At the counter of the sex shop, they had all these anti-Bush stickers, bookmarks, and things. One was a picture of the Red Sox about to dip a naked Bush (tied in the fetal position so you couldn't see anything) into acid. Whoah. What the hell was my subconscious up to?

I think that was partially influenced by watching the Yankees/Red Sox game last night. Over 4 hours long. Even though I kept dozing off on Nick half the time.

Today is a catch-up-on-schoolwork day. Woot.

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