October 19th, 2004

I'm just a sweet transvestite...

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Happy birth day to my new cousin, Logan Ryan Smith! My cousin April gave birth this morning (actually just before 1 pm EST), and she and the baby are doing fine. She's only four years older than me, and this is her third kid. And she got married when she was 20. I feel old. Well, that's another family member to meet. I just met my other little cousins Ashley, Cameron, and Ethan while I was in Washington over the summer. Ethan was just a few weeks old, and my cousin Laura seemed thrilled to be a mommy. It's weird not being the youngest generation any more. I should knit the kids some hats. I promised Ashley I'd make her a hat with the fluffy bunny slippers yarn.

I talked to Nesset today about comp stuff, and I just might be able to graduate on time, though it will be interesting doing both an advanced fiction writing workshop AND a fiction comp. He said I could take both at the same time if I needed to, and the department would probably be ok with it since I'm serious about writing and very active in Allegheny's creative writing community. And we were talking excitedly about the upcoming production of Rocky Horror, and apparently he's going to be in it. He dyed his hair bleach blond. This tells me he's either going to be Riff Raff or Rocky. But judging by his hair style, probably Rocky. I'll just have to avert my eyes if he's just going to wear that little golden diaper and booties (yes, I like referring to them that way). I don't want to end up retching or anything. Must not think about Nesset in his underpants. Baaaaaad thoughts. I just hope my suspicions are wrong and he'll be another cast member that keeps his clothes on. Oh wait... that takes out most of the main characters. Anyway... Rocky Horror! *squeeeee*

There's Tuesday group tonight! And my mom seems ok with me having rats now! As long as I get someone to watch over them while we're in Hawaii in December! Which shouldn't be a problem! Yay, Hawaii! I can write part of my comp there!

And now, some random Chinese phrases for your entertainment (minus tone marks, because I don't know the shortcuts):
Ni mama shi Zhongguo fan.
(Your mother is Chinese food.)
Wo chi yi ge nanhaizi.
(I eat a little boy.)
Women xihuan tiao wu.
(We like to dance.)

You know what's cool? How a lot of my friends are INFPs, even though we're a very small percentage of the population (less than 5%, I think). Or if not INFPs, pretty close, maybe off by one letter. We must flock together or something. Flock flock flock!
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