October 21st, 2004

I love my hand!

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Goooo Red Sox! Woooooo! God hates the Yankees! Take that, Derek! *thbbbbb*

Hehehe. Yeah, this is me not doing the journal entry I woke up early to write, even though I read all the material. Meh. I didn't get much accomplished yesterday after classes either, mostly because I spent most of the rest of the day either with Nick or knitting. Or both. Nick was in one of his I-haven't-left-my-room-all-day-and-I-don't-want-to moods, so I made him some food and stayed with him. He eventually cheered up a bit, after eating and the Red Sox winning AGAIN, but I worry about him. I blame the stupid insurance complications that prevent him from getting the proper medication. It hurts to see him like this. I wish I could somehow help him, but I guess that all I can do is be nice to him and be there to listen and hug and stuff. *shrugs*

I don't feel like doing much today except making stuff. Writing, knitting, drawing... I just want to make stuff. Maybe after lunch I should get to the ceramics studio, for I am kind of behind. But I have the feeling this creative mood will disappear sooner or later. Must be a good girl and go to class. Blahdee blah. At least I only have one class today.
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I'm just a sweet transvestite...

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Obligatory cute baby picture (my new cousin!)

Today, Evil Thom cut off Katie Couric's head. Then he cut out her eyes, and I stuck them on my forehead. And they had this love your body day thing in the coffeehouse, so I went to that. I went up to the mic a couple times (too high, as usual) and said I love being short, and I'm a whole lotta woman packed into a tiny body! Yeah!

I'm probably going to Rocky Horror tomorrow night. Somebody come with me. Please. It's right across from my house. Our house, for some of you. And I think I should be Delirium and Nick should be Destruction for Halloween.

Oh. My. Zanzidor. (don't look if dead animals make you depressed)

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