October 26th, 2004

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Weeee I have so much work to get done by Friday, it's not funny. And here I am, LJing instead of being productive. Woooo! Well, I plan to head to the ceramics studio afterwards, because I am scarily behind. And I also must work on the poetry journal due Thursday... and I need to write or rewrite half the entries. Gah! Oh well. At least it will all be somewhat over on Friday, and then I can enjoy Halloween. My family's church sent me a Halloween card. I found it amusing. The Christians send the pagan girl a Halloween card. And my mom even wrote something like "How are Dante and Dr. Faustus?" Heh. I wonder if any of the parishioners who signed the card realized that I named my rats after literary characters that either toured hell or made a bargain with the devil. *snickers* I can just see some little old lady putting two and two together and thinking, "Oh dear, they're teaching Satanism in English classes now!" Or not. Maybe if my parents went to a fundamentalist church, but at least the Episcopal church doesn't overanalyze things and blow them out of proportion as much as the fundies do. Weeeee.

And with that, I'm off. To do something slightly more productive, perhaps.
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