October 28th, 2004

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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Last night was pretty cool indeed. A bunch of us went outside to see the lunar eclipse, and we danced on the front lawn with sparklers. Nick and I walked to the graveyard late at night. Of course, right before we got there, it occurred to me that I had forgotten my flashlight. Oops. It was very dark and even darker because of the eclipse. I'm kind of a wuss who lets horror movies get to my head, but I wasn't scared, just a little uneasy. At one point, Nick heard an animal or something and screamed, and that really freaked me out because it was so unexpected. It would be cool to visit the graveyard sometime during the day. It reminded me of hanging out in the graveyard at Alpha last year. So much fun.

I am a horrible vegetarian. I had shrimp last night. Well, I was getting dinner, and I didn't realize the guy put shrimp in the pasta until it was too late, and I feel really horrible about wasting anything, especially little animals, so I ate them. I made it two months, and I slipped. And Nick was getting on my case about it too. Oh well. My tummy felt weird all night, so I guess what goes around comes around. Then again, I'm used to the food here making me feel funny. I need to cook more often.

At Tuesday's Argo meeting, I wore my panda pimp ensemble. 'Twas magnificent. I'm not sure if the new freshmeats think I'm insane or cool. Perhaps both. At the beginning of the year, I kind of avoided most of them, because I didn't know them. But now I just act like my crazy goofy self around them, and they seem at least amused by me. Some of them actually seem pretty cool. At least most of the females do. Most of the guys seem nice but lost in the geek world. Uh... like most of Argo.

And the Red Sox totally kick ass. YEAH!!!!!!!!!
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