October 29th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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Ooh! Ooh! They discovered a new hominid species and are referring to them as "hobbits!" This is just awesome on so many levels. Here are some links:

At lunch, for some reason I was in this horrible irritated, antsy mood. I get like that occasionally, and I don't know why. It's usually just a big buildup of stress and the mood gets triggered by some annoyance, usually a small one, and I just want to go off by myself somewhere to cool down. I can't stand hearing people talking (usually it's kind of calming and soporific - I remember falling asleep listening to my parents talking in the hallway when I was really young), and everything annoys me. But at least the mood goes away easily, if I just play computer games or take a nap. Things have been rather stressful lately, but Halloween is almost here. I need to dye my hair purple either today or tomorrow. No idea how to go about doing it, but I'll try. Watch me end up dying my face and shoulders purple while my hair remains the same. I've wanted to dye my hair purple for at least 5 years now, and I figure now is the perfect time to do it. Plus, I'm going to be Delirium for Halloween. Her hair is constantly changing, but I'll settle for purple Ade-hair right now. And I don't think the guys will mind if the bathtub gets tinted purple. After all, I seem to be the only one who hates the pink sparkly shower curtain from last year, and the guys insisted on leaving it up. We'll just have a girly bathtub. Heh... reminds me of Emma's hair dye adventure at Alpha 2003...

Last night was kinda funny. Nick and I were in the main room, watching TV with the others, and he kept trying to touch my neck because he knows I can't stand it. So any time his hands got near my neck, I would growl and bite him. It was pretty funny and became a game. *poke* "GRARR!" *chomp* Nick thinks it's cute when I bite him. I wonder if his hands are covered in little teeth marks now.

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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Dear Ade,
Please don't go 3 weeks without doing laundry again. Not only is it a pain to lug it all down to Caflisch when you've filled the hamper and your backpack, you'll end up wearing those cutesy girly uncomfortable ankle socks your kid sister bought you and old, ripped underwear from high school. Every 2 weeks will be sufficient. Thank you.
- The management
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