October 31st, 2004

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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This is Halloween! This is Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween!

Yaaaaay, the bestest holiday ever is here! And I am Delirium! A rather short and pudgy Delirium, but still as deliciously delirious as always. So, here's a summary of recent events. On Friday, Nick and I went to Los Compadres for dinner. 'Twas lovely, as usual, but whenever I go there, I always end up overeating and feeling funny later. Then yesterday I went shopping. I probably looked really suspicious in Bilo when I was only buying rubber gloves and Vaseline. Hmmmm... And the cashier told me, "Have a nice evening," even though it was mid-afternoon. HMMMMM! I didn't mention that I was buying the stuff for the purpose of hair-dying. And I went thrift store hunting too, and stuff. Rose helped me dye my hair purple, because she's awesome. It looks pretty damn cool if I do say so myself. I look better with dark hair. Then I put on fishnets and the rest of my costume and headed to the Argo party. It was fun for a while, then some of us went to the meditation house. Ah, what a night. I don't know what I'm doing today besides chores and schoolwork. And resurrecting Cyclor. And looking kinda punk.

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