November 3rd, 2004

I'm a dorkety dork dork

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Ok, what the hell? Kerry, you dumbass, you give up easier than I do, and that's pathetic. Oh well. I don't really care who's president as long as the stupid election doesn't get dragged out for ages, because I hate confusion and ambiguity. Meh. I'm glad I didn't tell my family who I voted for, because they'd be calling to rub it in my face right about now. Of course, I'm rather apathetic when it comes to politics even though I know I shouldn't be. So I'm just glad things are pretty much over with so people will hopefully shut up about the damn election soon. Because, you know, there are better conversation topics. Like cartoons and sex. Which seem to be two of the four most popular conversation topics among my friends right now (the other two being politics and gaming). Ah, the perks of being a nerd. Oh, and to all you who are so intensely uptight about the election that it's ruining your life: calm down. The world isn't coming to an end. The country isn't going straight to hell. Bitch all you want, but don't let this control your life. You have better things to obsess over. On the other hand, I am immature and silly and like making "Bush" double-entendre jokes. And Cyclor will take over the world. Muhahahahaaaa!

So! Tonight will be busy. At 7 there's an open model session (yay!), so I'll go to that. I also need to remember to pick up more newsprint at the art store, since I'm almost out. And I wish I could stay the whole 2 hours, but there's Golem at 8, and this is going to be an important meeting, because apparently there are going to be some changes, apparently. I want to know what's going on. I mean, first Jess Day wanted to move the meeting place, even though Golem has always met at the writers' house (at least, as long as I've been here). And with the growing divide among the campus writing groups and some people not going to Golem any more, things aren't very pretty right now. Blarg. And I have 2 days to get that fiction portfolio to Nesset and Bakken. Weee!

Now I must go talk to my Chinese professor and then go home and clean the stinky rat cage. I should buy more rat food in the next few days. They eat a lot more than I thought they would. I gave them an entire apple (a small one) last night, and they had eaten most of it by this morning. Well, they're growing boys and need more food, I guess. I hope I'm not overfeeding them, but at least I'm giving them enough food. Better to have pudgy rats than skinny ones.
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