November 13th, 2004


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Nick: Ade! Let's go to the bookstore!
Ade: Ok.
(at the bookstore)
Books: Hi Ade!
Ade: Hi Books!
Stitch 'n Bitch Nation: Pick me! Pick me!
Ade: Squeeeee! *pounce*

Yes, precious! New knitting patterns! Gator gloves that double as puppets (MORE PUPPETS!!!!!!)! Fishnets! A bunny hat for babies that could probably be adapted to fit adults too! More fun things to do with needles and yarn! I also got a Catherine Asaro book (I forget the title), because I saw it in the SF/F section and remembered Diane raving about her.

So yesterday, I drove to Slippery Rock to get Megan so she could see Stephen Lynch with us (she introduced me to his music, so I felt obligated to do something in return). The concert was hilarious, though short. He really knows how to pack the humor into the most offensive stuff he can think of. Of course, a couple of the songs kind of irritated me (Ok, leave the mentally challenged and overweight alone, they take enough shit as it is, and it's just mean), but they were mostly funny. I loved it when he fellatiated the microphone. Tossed Salad Man to the rescue! And that song about D&D should be Argo's theme song. Hehehe.

The following is an amusing email I got from my sister this morning:
wats a flier???? isnt that a lil piece of paper ppl give to u when they r gunna have like a huge beer party!?

Hee. "Huge beer party" indeed. I had a bunch of crazy dreams a couple nights ago, but I don't feel like typing them all right now. Maybe later. Collapse )
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