November 14th, 2004

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Last night I was dreaming of Rocky Horror. I was part of the cast, and of course I was Magenta. A rather short, chubby Magenta, but it was still cool. And kind of odd since I haven't done acting since 6th grade. But we were putting on shows, and I felt kind of odd since we had barely rehearsed and I wasn't sure what my lines were. Of course, I've watched the movie many times so I figured I'd do fine, and the rest of the cast told me that as long as I knew the songs, it would all be ok. Magenta doesn't have many speaking/singing parts anyway. Apparently we were performing in Caflisch, where the computer lab is (and where I'm currently sitting... maybe I spend too much time in here?). And I had a hotel room with little changing privacy, but it was all ok. I remember being kind of sad because I didn't get to say "Master! Dinner is prepared!" because there was no dinner scene (I guess this had to do with the recent production of Rocky Horror here, they changed that scene). But when I woke up, I was very relieved that Nesset wasn't in the dream at all, so he didn't have to traumatize me in my sleep with that little gold sock-stuffed (I assume) diaper. I woke up with "Science Fiction Double Feature" in my head.

A few nights ago, I also had some wacky dreams. In one, I was trying to get Nick to go to the hospital because I thought he was going to die (something about if your mental health score dropped to 0, you'd die, and his was below 1). In another part, I was wearing my Delirium outfit and apparently lived with some of my college acquaintances (I know Twitchy and Sarah who sometimes comes to Tuesday group were there) and feeling sad and wanting to run away until I heard a Hedwig song (I think it was "Midnight Radio") that made me feel better. Then I was a concubine or something, and we were all dancing for the king. Apparently I won the contest for some reason (I guess because I'm little and cute?), so I got a feast in my honor. But they were trying to get me to eat meat, and I kept telling them I'm a vegetarian now. I know Erica was there at some point, sitting on the floor with the rest of the audience. And then I somehow got away from the feast and went through the castle to where Nick lived, in this little tent in one of the castle rooms. I saw a map of where he lived. Outside his tent, he had a vegetable garden where he also grew marijuana, and he had a campfire. In the dream, I had apparently met him before when we were younger but I had rarely seen him. So I went inside his tent, and we hid under a blanket as a group of kids came by and demanded that we sing with them. So we finally did, and I woke up. Those were the interesting dream bits, anyway, I know I dreamed more dreams that night.

Well! This weekend has been interesting. On Friday, we went to see "As You Like It." Good show. And last night, Nick had a bit too much wine and kept trying to get me to drink more of my mudslide. Well, methinks I'd better head to the ceramics studio now. Ta ta.

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