November 23rd, 2004


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It's been a few days since my last update. So here's a synopsis of stuff that happened:

- On Friday, Nick and I went to Pittsburgh to see the International at the Carnegie museum. Some of the exhibits were interesting, some seemed kind of silly, but that's pretty much how art is.
- We had lunch with his friend Ginger and her friend at an Indian restaurant. They were very nice, and Indian food is a very nice change from what I'm used to eating.
- We visited Jen and Anne's apartment and stayed there Friday night. I miss those two, they're wonderful people.
- On the way back to Meadville, I drove part of the way. Nick's car was definitely not built for small drivers, but I managed.
- I read "Ella Enchanted" on Saturday (yep, the entire book in one day). It was excellent. Is the movie any good, or is it too icky and modernized and Hollywoodized like they tend to do to many good stories these days? Should I see it, or would I be disappointed?
- Tomorrow I'm going home for Thanksgiving break, and Aunt Barb, Uncle Sam, Kara, Danny, and Grandma are coming up to see us. Yay! My mom and I were discussing going to the museum while they're here so the adults can see the International and the kids can see the dinosaurs. I personally prefer the natural history museum because I love animals, skeletons, extinct creatures, and dying/dead cultures. The art museum is neat too, but it doesn't excite me as much. And the Egyptian exhibit has this neat little tomb area you can crawl through (Nick was a bit too big to get through comfortably, but I managed just fine, which is another advantage to being short, although I hate it when museum guards glare at me the instant I walk into a room like I'm some toddler and say "Don't get too close to the table and don't touch anything!" even when I'm several feet away from anything).

And today I'm going to try to spend a lot of time in the ceramics studio, getting caught up and stuff. Woot.
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For some reason, I have "Goodnight Irene" stuck in my head. I had never heard the song recorded until a few nights ago, when Nick played it before I went to bed, but I think some family member (I forget who) used to sing it to me. Ah, nostalgia. Anyway, it seems like whenever I go a few days without checking my friends page, important stuff happens. Like a certain friend getting engaged (yay, congratulations!). Ah, seems like more and more of my friends are getting engaged nowadays... *sigh* Why do people have to grow up?

Yesterday after Chinese class, Prof. Wang told me I've been slipping lately (yeah, I noticed... didn't do the homework at all), and I kind of exaggerated the busy senior excuse (ok, so I really exaggerated it). But I told her I'd get back on track before the end of the semester. She said I'm really good at the language though, and she really encouraged me to take the next level in the spring. The thing is, I have 3 upper-level classes plus the comp. She said I should take it pass/fail though so I could have the benefit of learning without worrying too much about the grade. Hmmm... I wonder. Would it be really insane of me to take 4 classes plus the comp? I mean, I love learning Chinese, and now is the time to do it, but would I just be setting myself up for a nervous breakdown?

Anyway! I had some more weird dreams last night. I was outside a National City bank with Nick, Jordan, and some other guy friend who had short dark hair (I keep thinking it was Brandon, but it could have been someone else. For some reason, they decided to rob the ATM. Brandon(?) and Jordan really got into it (and Jordan kept reaching up into this thing and taking money, and a coin tray popped out) while Nick just kind of stood and watched. I was surprised that my friends were actually robbing an ATM, but I didn't know what to do, so I was walking around nervously. Then I saw a lady about to walk out of the bank, so I went over to my friends and yelled, "What the hell do you guys think you're doing?" They ignored me until they saw the lady, and I was disgusted and walked off. I wandered around what was apparently an outdoor cafe for a while, holding some knitting and wondering what had happened to my friends. Then I walked back towards the bank around midnight and hoped to stop at the ATM and get some cash (from my account, not stealing). Then some guy who worked at a bank next door saw me and started talking to me. I told him I had nothing to do with my friends robbing the ATM, and he told me he trusted me to open the vault at the bank next door. So we walked through that bank (why the heck were the banks open at midnight?) and then I don't remember what happened but I eventually saw Nick. Bank Man asked to see his driver's license, then gave it back to him and told him he was free to go (this probably has something to do with Nick getting pulled over on Friday and escaping with a warning...). He asked the man if smoking black tobacco (?) was as bad as other things, and the man asked if he was planning on smoking something. He said no, he was just curious. As the man walked off, I gave Nick a big hug and told him, "Be good. Don't do bad things. No smoking." The man turned around and looked at me just as my alarm went off. I reset it for later and went back to sleep. This time, I dreamed that I was at a friend's birthday party, even though this friend lives in another state and is kind of annoying even though she's friendly and nice. Apparently, I had gone to her last birthday party too, but I had injured my toe or something. There were parts about eating and frolicking in a park, then finding out someone had also dreamed my dream, and lying in what was apparently a bedroom in a cathedral and trying to get the birds to go out through my window. Weird.

Once again, I'm not being productive! Wooo!
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