November 29th, 2004

I actually squealed when I saw this

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It's just like me to wear new clothes while making art. Yep. Heh. I'm wearing this new sweater I got (half price in the guy's section!), and now it has some conte crayon on it. Not much, and it will wash out, but I just amuse myself by thinking that my mom would be getting on my case about it if she knew. And I got 3 compliments on it today, too. *giggles*

In other amusing news, "buttfuck" is a funny word. Last night, Nick and I were discussing when people were returning from break, and he said that Jess was coming back at "buttfuck in the morning." That one had me cracking up for a long time, and then it got me singing, "Buttfuck in the morning, buttfuck in the evening, buttfuck at supper time. When buttfuck's on a bagel, you can have buttfuck any time!" And that was funny too in its own absurd way. And then we started warping various ad jingles, slogans, etc. with the word "buttfuck." Some of my favorites: "I'm cuckoo for Buttfuck Puffs!" (you have to say it in a goofy voice), Count Buttfuckula, "Buttfuck: it's what's for dinner," "Buttfuck" sung to the tune of "Mmmbop," etc. We are silly, silly people.

So I made it back safely last night, and Nick and I went to Los Compadres for dinner, because we don't go there nearly enough (damn computers can't portray sarcasm effectively...). And today I managed to stab myself in the palm in ceramics class, because I'm clumsy. It's ok though, it just stung for a bit. And Deltron and Thom totally rock for their conquest at the battle of The Thousand Dirty Dishes. Now, if people in the house would actually do their dishes, we wouldn't have to go to war so much. I know, I know, some of those were probably mine, but I do my dishes 75% of the time, and I've been a lot better about it lately. Oh, and someone who's taller than me should replace the yucky moldy shower curtain liner. I got a new one, and it's on the drawers. But I can't reach the curtain bar thingy without risking falling and breaking my neck, so one of you tall boys (ha, you're all tall compared to me, even Derek) can do it. Please.

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