December 6th, 2004

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Grrr. Stupid livejournal got hungry again and devoured my post, giving some lame excuse about "read-only mode" for a few minutes. Anyway! I'll just repeat myself. I'll just repeat myself.

It's fun looking back at drawings you did at the beginning of the semester and laughing at them. Last night, I drew Ben and Jess for my final project. Fully clothed and G-rated, because I think Ben would have felt uncomfortable otherwise. Jess on the other hand... Anyway, it was a good pose, but they had to take mushy breaks every 5 minutes, which was both amusing and somewhat awkward. Heh. I'm going to miss taking figure drawing. But at least I have friends and housemates willing to pose for me (most of them clothed, which is fine - I don't particularly care). I liked drawing John, because he's basically a skeleton with flesh wrapped around it. And Nick is a good model because I can sneakily draw him when he's asleep.

Well, I've been getting some of my stuff done, which is good. I'm getting caught up. Things are crazy until Wednesday, and after that I only have a couple things left to do, so I'll basically have a week or so at my disposal with only a few obligations. I can play Age of Mythology! And the writers' house will probably have its annual holiday party. Oh yeah, happy Hannukah and St. Nicholas Day.

Someone recommend books that deal with complicated characters getting through their teenage years and becoming interesting adults. Good literary fiction, not genre stuff, because the creative writing professors here are closed-minded. Something like "She's Come Undone." Pleeeeeease?
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